The experience

photoDr. Mom would be working this evening so it would be up to me to take Mina to Hula class in Garland with Benji in tow.  I got off a to a start at my regular time only to find lines of cars on my usual route.  I took a few ill-advised shortcuts and ended up lost somewhere in Garland.  Took me a good 10 minutes to get back on track.  I nearly decided to turn around and give up; figuring we’d end up at her class right before it ended.  I managed to make it only 15 minutes late.  When I arrived, the teacher was just telling everyone how class would end early today.  Great…

Once it did end, I figured we’d just head back towards home and pick a random spot on the way back.  Mina started complaining of intestinal issues on the way out of class which I attributed to her completely unhealthy eating habits.  I told her she needed some roughage in her diet.  So that narrowed the choices to somewhere where she might actually eat some.  So I opted for the first Mexican restaurant I saw on the trip, El Pedregal.


We parked and headed in.  We got a both immediately and Mina proceeded to whimper about how she needed to sit with me.  I said fine and then Benji decided to act the same way.  So they proceeded to try and squeeze each other out of the spot next to me.  I finally convince Benji to sit by the glass block window and play with the napkin holder.  He ended up hiding the salt and pepper between the booths and saying, “You can’t reach it!”

By the time the waitress came and took our drink order Mina had laid out in “pain”.  Benji decided to step over her and ended up back next to me.  By this time Mina was too busy pouting to care.

We got our drinks and I ordered everyone’s food, making sure Mina’s had a helping of beans which I told her on the way in she would be eating ALL of.

Lucky for me, Benji was being self sufficient while Mina sulked.  That kept it relatively calm until the food arrived.

I cut up the food for the kids and we pretty much ate in silence.  Mina actually ate ALL her beans and then said how delicious they were and wanted more.  I hadn’t had a chance to eat all mine, so I gave her half of mine.  Benji then decided he wanted some and I gave up nearly the rest of mine.  Everyone was about finished except Benji had half of his breading from his corn dog left.  He said he wanted to take it with him to eat in the car which he did.

Mina, meanwhile, started asking about dessert.  Guess those were fast acting beans, but, of course, I said no.  So I paid up and we headed home.

The food

Average Tex-Mex food.  Or above average if you live in Ohio.  With all the choices its hard to say many places are above average on the Mexican food scale.

photoBenji had a corn dog with queso and fries.  Right up his alley.  He ate the entire hot dog and the breading, which he usually leaves behind.  He skiped the fries in lieu of chips and queso.  He liked the breading from his corn dog so much he had to take the second half to the car to eat on the way home.

photoMina went for the cheese enchilada with chili con carne instead of queso.  It came with beans and rice.  She gulped down the beans after our talk before dinner and siad she like the a lot.  She even ate half of mine and her entire enchilada.  She ate a bit of the rice as well.  Not sure when my half Filipino child stopped eating a rice.

photoI ordered the Steak a la Mexicana which was actually a platter with a chile relleno and a flank steak.  It also came with two stuffed jalapenos which they called “Kisses”.  I opted for cheese in my chile relleno, though you can get beef.  The jalapenos were supposed to come with cheese, but I saw on the appetizer menu they had ones stuffed with chicken so they let me substitute at no charge.  The steak was good, especially with the ranchero sauce from the relleno.  The sauce was a sweeter ranchero sauce which I typically don’t prefer, but this one had a very good flavor.  The jalapenos were decent.  The chicken inside could have used more flavor.  The relleno itself was loaded with cheese and of decent size.  I also enjoyed the rice and beans.  The beans had an apparent lard flavor which gets bonus points in my book.  The rice had a good level of sofrito flavor.

The service

Service was good.  Full drinks and a nice pace for food.  No complaints.

The kids

Very laid back local family kind of place.  You will have no problems with the kids here.

Total Cost: ~$25

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