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The experience

Ogre keeps threatening me with eating at Whataburger.   I think that would make me sick if I ate there right now.  I countered with “I need to eat soup.”  I won.  We ended up at Huong Ly, a Vietnamese restaurant I’ve been wanting to try since we started this thing, but we never do.  I’ve heard pretty good things about it and I’ve been wanting to expand my Vietnamese restaurant choices.  Before childsplate, we only ever ate at Pho Que Huong.  So, with a big sigh from my loving husband, we drove out to Richardson for pho.

We arrived and were seated right away.  Immediately I noted an off smell.  Ogre said it was smoke and vinyl.  Pleasant.  I asked him if there was a smoking ordinance in Richardson and he thought there was, but was not for sure.  Oh well, we were in for the long haul now.  I put Benji in his high chair and Mina decided to pass out spoons and chopsticks

The waitress came by with our drinks and some cute bowls for the kids, well, a cute bowl for Benji as Mina pointed out, “Benji gets a special bowl.”  We tried to play up Mina’s purple bowl, but she was not impressed.

The kids immediately began to “rock out” while Ogre and I read through the menu and decided on dinner.  Our waitress came to get our dinner order and we waited…not very long.

Food was out lightning fast!  We got our spring roll appetizers first and were munching on those and then the pho came out.  I noticed that there were some weird blue thread like things in the spring roll wrapper and decided not to eat any more.  Ogre thought it was from the shrimp, I don’t think so.

It took  awhile for the pho to cool down.  Next out came the kids’ dinner and Ogre and I portioned some out to each including some carrots.  The kids told us what they thought of the carrots and put them on their noses.

The rest of the dinner was pretty uneventful until I finished what I wanted of my coconut juice and gave some to Ogre, who then shared with the kids.  Turns out Benji loves young coconut.  When we didn’t have any more, he kept making Ogre hold the glass to him while he tried to indicate that he wanted more coconut from the glass. Ogre told him repeatedly that there was none left, but Benji kept persisting and not believing him.  Finally, he decided he would just cry about it.  Awesome.

That was about the time when we decided it was time to leave.  As we left, we noticed there were definitely people smoking in the restaurant.


The food

Vietnamese food

We ordered the Spring Rolls, presumably shrimp spring rolls, but no, they had 2 halves of shrimp and a slice of pork.  I didn’t like it so much.  Ogre thought it was good. Then there was the issue with the blue threads that reminded of the questionable, yet very interesting Morgellon’s Disease.  Needless to say, I was done after that.

The pho here was just average. I ordered a small and Ogre ordered a medium.  If we ever find the cable for the little camera, then I’ll post the picture of our bowls side by side as Ogre was not impressed by the size of the large pho and remarked that he could not see a difference (in their defense, he was clearly exaggerating, but the difference was really no that great).

The grilled pork and shredded pork with rice was also just average, but I will note that the shredded pork was not very good and I wouldn’t order that again.  It’s just plain old pork not marinated or grilled.  It seemed boiled with vermicelli and sliced thin.

The service

Nothing to complain about.  Very nice, attentive, brought out the cute dishes for the kids with plastic ware.  Gave me a nice heaping bowl of cilantro (nicely cut) when requested.  Pretty good.


The kids

As anticipated, no kids menus, no kid activities, but laid back and casual.  If your kids like pho or rice/noodle dishes, it’ll work, if not, bring something for them to eat!

I thought this place was okay.  I think it’s better known for serving Banh, which we didn’t order.  I don’t thing the pho was anything special.

The total: 22 bucks

(972) 234-8104

400 N Greenville Ave, #20, Richardson, TX 75081

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