The experience

photoOgre and Dusty had a business meeting over in Addison, so we decided it would be easiest if we met out there for dinner when they were finished with their meeting.  Ogre told me he’d call before 6:30 to let me know what the deal was, and not surprisingly, he called at about 10 til 7.  I was pretty gosh darned ready when he called as I was now STARVING and the kids were, too.  I’d already given them a snack knowing that Ogre NEVER calls on time.  I packed up the kid and Ogre and I discussed where we’d meet, finally deciding on Cyclone Anaya’s, a restaurant we’ve never been to, but looked pretty interesting and seemed to be expanding.

When we arrived, the guys were already seated enjoying a margarita.  As soon as we sat down, our server took our drinks and we ordered some queso.  Mina wanted to sit next to Dusty, so Benji and I sat with Papa.  The booths here are very gracious, so we weren’t crowded. 

Mina was excited to be having dinner with Dusty because A. she loves it when ANYONE else is at dinner with us and B. It has been awhile since we’ve had dinner with Dusty.

Our queso came out and Benji immediately demanded some.  He got a little annoyed when we had to wait for some bowls for them and ordered dinner.  But he got his queso before any kind of meltdown ensued.  I wanted to give Mina a bowl of her own, but she did not want one. Then I caught her double dipping and literally, like, licking the queso off her chip and redipping it.  Gross.  I told her she would have to stop doing that or have her on queso in her own bowl.  She chose the latter.

Right beside each table there is a TV playing some random show on TV.  Most of them either had Celebrity So You Think You’re Smarter than a 5th Grader or sports.  Ours had the game show.  We could read the question, but couldn’t hear the answer and I think the next 15 minutes of dinner was spent trying to determine who was president in 1800.  They eventually looked it up and determined that Ogre was correct.  Star Jones was not and lost. 

Just as our food arrived, the next show came on and wouldn’t we be so lucky, it was some type of CSI showing a rotting detached hand.  Yum!

Everyone enjoyed their dinner very well.  And everyone was in a good mood.  Benji finished eating and was performing some crazy stunts between the wall and Papa’s back.  I tried to take a pic with Ogre’s camera, but it was too dark and I suck at taking pictures with his phone.


We decided that everyone ate so well that we all deserved dessert.  It’s always right about the time that Benji is wanting to exit the booth and is getting antsy, so it works well as a bribe to keep him in the booth.  I did take him with me to the restroom so he could stretch his legs and lo and behold, when we got back our desserts were there. Benji ate the whipped cream.


We lost our waiter for a time and were waiting and waiting on the check, so I finally took the kids out of the restaurant to walk around outside while the guys paid up.  The kids decided to ride home with Papa, so I was able to enjoy a nice, silent car ride home.  Ahhhh…..


The food

Tex Mex.

photoWe started with queso, which we all agreed was very good, including the kids; nice and creamy, with a little bit of pico flavor and no spiciness.


photoI ordered the Lump Blue Crab Nachos and thought they were above average.  Nice and crabby.  My interest was piqued by the “balsamic glazed pico de gallo.”  That was a disappointment as there was no balsamic flavor that I could detect.  This also comes with guacamole, which I gave to Ogre.  He thought it was good.

photoOgre ordered the Enchiladas (one chicken, one beef) with Chile Ancho sauce. Our server said it’s a love or hate kind of deal with that sauce (I think he leaned toward hate as he was very hesitant to recommend it).  Ogre typically likes ancho sauce so he ordered it and thought it was excellent.  Ogre said that he thinks some people are turned off from it because it does have a subtle bitter flavor from the anchos.  This sauce had this, but also had nice sublte sweetness to it.  He gave it two big thumbs up.

photoDusty ordered the Fish Tacos and also thought these were very good.  He particularly liked the green sauce that came with it.  Ogre tried his dish with the sauce and agreed that it was really good.


photoMina ordered cheese enchiladas with chili con carne and she thought it was excellent.  Benji ate it, also, so I assume he liked it!


We ordered dessert.  One flan and one tres leches.  I did not try the tres leches, but that it disappeared is an indication to me that it was well liked.  The flan had great flavor to it -nice and caramelly, but I thought it was too dense, not the perfect flan for me!




The service

For the most part, our service was pretty good. There were a few lapses in attentiveness and I had to request water refills.  Ogre said that this might have been an issue for them because a manager of sorts came by twice to ask us how service was going.  Food comes out at a good tempo.


The kids

It’s about average on kid friendliness.  They have kids activities and kids menu items and it’s loud and laid back.  It’s a little on the pricier side, but we enjoyed their food.

I think we’ll be back…again, it’s a little pricier, but the food was pretty tasty!

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