The experience

I wasn’t really in the mood to go out to eat this evening an Grace was just well enough to tag along.  It was already getting late and we still had to pick up Benji who still wasn’t eating.  We opted to grab something nearby and I had just the place in mind; Hot Iron.  A little place in a strip mall in East Plano that I would never have given a second look to.  I reasoned that was the purpose of the rules after all.  To force us to go to new places.  Grace didn’t buy the explanation as she didn’t think my choice was all that hot.  But then again she wouldn’t be eating much and pretty much said choose wherever.


We headed in and kind of stood around looking dumb for a minute up front.  The patrons told us they thought it was seat yourself as they did so themselves.  We picked a booth on the other side of the dining room.  The dining room was massive with not many tables at all with a pool//dart room off to the side.  Grace wondered what they were paying for rent for a place this size.  I figured not that much given the location.

The waitress came over quickly and took our drink order.  We quickly noticed there was no kids menu.  When the waitress returned with the drinks we asked and were informed there were a few choices that just weren’t on the menu.  Mina already had her heart set on a cheeseburger and that was not one of the options.  I asked if they could make a child sized one.  She went off to ask her manager.  Mina was busy hanging around my neck.


She got a little too much so I had to get her to sit down.  She wasn’t all that pleased.


Grace and I were busy trying to figure out the menu.  It was a strange array of food with Greek Lasagna (?), steaks, sandwiches and some Mexican thrown in for good measure.  We wondered how people go about making the decision to open a restaurant with a generic menu and what was even the success rate of doing it.  I’m guessing they think they either make some really good food or think there is a demand for it.

When the waitress returned she said they could make the burger.  Grace decided to order off the kids menu as well this evening since she still had no appetite.  We ate late, so I wasn’t even that hungry so I went for a salad.  This meal out was just to entertain you, our kind visitors, and to abide by the rules.  Next time I’ll wear my Big Lebowski t-shirt.  The dude abides.

Dinner came out after a short while and everyone pretty much just got busy eating so we could leave and pick up Benji and get Mommy back into bed.  The highlight of the remainder of the dinner conversation revolved around the probable cost of the large quantity of neon signage in the restaurant.

Time to pay up and head home.

The food

Not quite sure how to classify the food here.  It like American and Tex-Mex with some Greek thrown in.  I am guessing the owners are Greek or something. The rest of the menu was typical of your generic American restaurant.  Overall the food wasn’t all that bad.  It wasn’t all that great either.

DSC01042I ordered the Greek Salad with Gyro meat.  Mine was probably the best item of the night.  The gyro meat was actually quite tasty and the salad was filled with a good amount of pretty good feta.  The vegetables were all fresh and the portion was pretty darn large.

DSC01040Grace was still not feeling well so she just got a kids grilled cheese.  She gave an “eh” response and noted that Jake’s was better.  Looked pretty generic and it probably was.  I can’t add much as I am not sharing food with my ill family quite yet.

DSC01041Mina went for the off menu, kid sized Cheeseburger with Bacon.  I tasted a small piece of the burger when it arrived and it was too well done for my taste.  Mina had no issue with it.  She ate a a full half of it and then the bacon pieces off the other half.

The service

The serve is fine today.  She was clearly the only waitress for the entire restaurant so she was definitely juggling.  There were a few stretch where she was absent for too long, but overall decent.

The kids

Low side of average for a kid friendly restaurant.  They have only a couple items off the menu for kids, but they did make Mina a small burger upon request.  No activities but pretty low key.  Seems like the plan is to be a pool hall as well which probably wouldn’t be so kid friendly but there really wasn’t a crowd to make it that way.

Total Cost: $22.51

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