The experience

I drove around trying to find one of Mina’s after school activities (this place is ridiculous to find) and as I was driving through downtown Plano, I noticed a “NOW OPEN” sign.  Hmmm, interesting.  After class, I asked Mina if she wanted to eat Sushi (I also saw a sushi joint when I was driving around for the hour that Mina was in class) or to eat at place downtown.  She asked what they had there and I honestly replied, “I have no idea.”  She decided to be adventuresome and chose downtown.  So I drove around to find a parking spot and we headed into Vickery Park.  I almost turned around.  I looked at Mina and asked her if she’d rather have sushi and she replied, “What if I say no?”  I told her that we’d stay.  She said no and we stayed.



Why did I almost leave?  Well, clearly it’s a total bar vibe.  Dark, woody, cozy, not so child friendly.  But, Mina found us a table and we sat down and was warmly greeted by our waitress.  Mina and I looked at the menu.  As I looked over mine, she asked, “What is Blue Moon?”  A beer.  Then later, “Mine says ’Woodchuck’ on it, does yours?”  That’s cider.   I’ve taken my 5 year old to a bar for dinner.  Awesome parenting! 



I received a work related phone call that would force me to await a follow up phone call and I had to put the skids on Mina’s request to play I-Spy. While we waited, I ordered a cup of tomato soup and a pizza for Mina and I to share.

My phone call finally came through and once that was taken care of, Mina and I busied ourselves identifying everything in the restaurant.  Either I was getting a little bored with I spy after I spy (and I can thank a couple who shall remain nameless but knows who they are and reads this blog for this neverending request to play I spy), but it seemed to take FOREVER to get this pizza out!

My soup came out and I was seriously confused.  Is this a side of marinara sauce???  I tried it.  I didn’t like it.  I set it aside.  The waitress asked me about it and I told her my thoughts.  She took it away. That was pretty disappointing.

Back to I-spy.  I spied something yellow and my very couth daughter said, “my boogers?”  Uh, no.  “But, boogers are yellow.”  Whatever.

I spy something black.  She guessed and guessed then gave in. “Your shirt,” I told her.  “But my shirt is brown.”  The shirt is CLEARLY black.  “No, it’s not.”  Whatever.

She spied something red.  I guessed and guessed then gave in.  “That thing on your face.”  Oh, gosh, here we go again.  Yes, that’s a zit on my face, thanks for the esteem boost.  Whatever.


Our rousing game of I spy was interrupted by the owner coming over to apologize about the marinara tomato soup.  He told me that he’d tasted the tomato soup in the past and thought it was great, but when he tasted this batch last night, he had the same sentiments I did.  He said that they’d be reworking that soup and to give it another chance.  Fair enough. 

FINALLY, our pizza came out and she I ate what we could.  She wanted to eat hers like I eat mine…with a fork and knife.  I cut hers up for her.  I hope she doesn’t become as OCD as her mommy.  Yikes!

Mina needed to hit the restroom, so we made the long journey to the back of the restaurant.  I had no idea this restaurant was that big.  You could probably guess that they don’t have changing stations there.  I think they probably spent way to much on bathroom decor, by the way.

Anyway, by this time, we were finishing up dinner and headed home after paying what may be the cheapest childplate dinner yet!


The food

American Bar Food.  BUT, everything seems a little more thoughtful, a little  more gourmet -french fries with siracha sauce, mussels with some kind of orange citrus broth, et cetera, et cetera.

I apologize in advance that we didn’t get to sample a whole lot here. The menu had burger, sandwiches, and they even have a Sat/Sun Brunch on their menu.

IMG00355I ordered the Tomato Soup, and, well, you know I felt about that.  It was dark red and thick.  It had a very herby tomato flavor and was spicy, like an over the top spicy marinara sauce.  Disappointing.


IMG00356The pizza we ordered was interesting.  The pizza base is a thick crust with tomato soup marinara sauce and a combination of smoked gouda and mozzarella.  Then you choose your toppings.  I added prosciutto only.  The prosciutto was a thicker cut and that did not go over so well with me, but it was better than plain ol’ ham. What made this pizza interesting was the combination of cheeses.  It made it so that the cheese was not to soft and stringy, but it wasn’t too hard, either.  That combination of cheeses was delish!!  It made it quite tasty!


The service

Service was pretty good tonight.  It was nice that the owner came by to discuss the tomato soup.  I did have to request a refill once, but she was otherwise on top of things.  The tempo of the food coming out was a little on the slow side for dining with kids (or being forced to play I-spy until the food comes out).


The kids

Two days in a row of going to a restaurant that is not kid friendly, but not kid-unfriendly.  The owner was very nice to Mina and chatted with her also.  Heck, the only other group of customers that came in while we were there sported a toddler.  It doesn’t have a kids menu, the food (other than pizza) isn’t very kid friendly, and no way are they offering kids activities or crayons! 

I think this is a neat spot…for adults.  I think I will take the owner up on his offer to try the revamped tomato soup, but not with the children in tow.   This seems like a good spot to have a beer and some grub, some interesting, thoughtful grub. 

The total: 13.26

Located in downtown Plano on 15th St., right before the train tracks.

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