The experience

DSC_0205Benji and Mina spent the day with Lala and Lolo since we didn’t want to make Mina go to school after arriving so late last night.  They ended up going to the mall and when they got back, Benji had fallen asleep so I took Mina and picked up Ogre for dinner.  We were craving Mexican after our Dominican Republic trip, so we went to Tia Juanita’s Cocina, which was close by and we’d seen several times driving back and forth on Parker.

We were seated right away and the waitstaff were all very friendly.  It seemed like everybody that came in knew the waitstaff and/or owners.  Mina brought her backpack full of toys thankfully since she didn’t have her brother or anything else to entertain her.  We ordered queso right off and looked over the menu.

Mina decided she wanted cheese enchiladas and Ogre and I also ordered enchiladas.  The queso came out pretty quickly and we all dug in.  Mina was in a silly mood and asked Ogre to take a picture of her vampire teeth.


Once our food came out, we were warned that all the plates were very hot. Mina was hungry and a little impatient waiting for it to cool off.

Once we all decided it was cool enough, she insisted on trying to cut the enchilada herself.  She is still not so adept at it, but we let her try anyway.


We got through dinner without any issues from Mina as she ate very well tonight.  We decided that deserved a dessert so we ordered a flan to share.  Man, was it delicious!!  I’m glad that we did it.  Mina was kind enough to even let me have the last bite.


The food

Tex Mex.

We ordered queso.  It was okay.  The chips were very good.  Served warm and nice and crisp.  Ogre liked the salsa here as it was quite spicy.

DSC_0211I ordered the Matamoros, which were green chicken enchiladas.  I thought the verde sauce was too tangy and the chicken was on the dry side.  Rice and beans were good though.  Ogre thought the green sauce was just fine and not too tangy.

DSC_0210He ordered one avocado enchilada and one brisket enchilada.  He thought these were excellent.  It did give him heartburn afterwards, but he thinks that he may have overeaten. 

DSC_0209Mina had a cheese enchilada with rice and beans and ate it without prompting so I’m assuming it was very good.

The flan was definitely the highlight for me.  About as good as Mario’s chiquita.  It was dense but not too dense, very creamy with a wonderful vanilla flavor and golden carmelized corn syrup.  Yum!!



The service

Service was very good tonight and Ogre commented that he liked the fact that the waiters helped each other out.  Food came out and at a good tempo.


The kids

No kids activities, but they have a kids menu and it’s very laid back.  Seems like one of those places where everybody knows everybody.

Ogre really liked this place, but I think there are better Mexican joints out there.

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