The experience

It would be another long night for Dr. Mom, so Mr. Mom would be on his own again this evening.  I decided on Balls Hamburgers, a local hamburger joint I used to frequent on occasion at one of my previous jobs. Mina had decided on the way home from school that she didn’t want to go to dinner this evening.  She’d rather spend some time with her Lala.  After a few jokes that I’d just have to go with Benji to Chuck E Cheese, I agreed to let her sit this one out.  The mention of burgers meant Dusty would be along for the ride.  So it would just be the boys this evening.

Balls Hamburgers

Our first attempt was to go the location across from SMU.  I had never been there before, but it was a bit closer than the one off Northwest Highway.  We pulled into Snider Plaza, and what do you know, a third closed restaurant!  This must be some kind of curse or something.  First it was Shady Oak, then Big D’s, and now this?  And it always happened when Grace was at work for the evening.  Oh brother. Well it was either the old Burger House around the corner or the original location, which would hopefully still be open.  I had already concocted my clever title for the evening, so we opted to risk it.

As luck would have it, the original location was still there waiting for us.  The boys moseyed on up to the counter and placed out order.  I dared Dusty to order the Lineman’s Reward (the 1 pounder burger), a challenge he jumped at.  I went for the regular Bacon Cheeseburger and got Benji the Mini Corn Dogs.  I got us a basket of half fries/half onion rings to share.  We opted for our burgers cooked medium.  This place will even do them medium rare.  They grind their own meat so you’ll be safe.


Benji spotted the little game room they have off to the side of the counter to keep your kids entertained.  It’s not Chuck E Cheese or anything, but that’s a good thing.  It’ll be more than enough to keep your kids entertained while waiting for your meal.  Benji was a little young for this but he did like playing with the old school hockey game.  He was enthralled enough with all the lights and gadgets to keep him happy until the food came.  I carried it back to the table and Dusty looked at his burger with fear.  ”It’s bigger than the triple meat at Whataburger!”  And he should know.  I cut up Benji’s corn dogs per Dr. Mom regulations and proceeded to eat my burger.  Midway through the first half of his burger, Dusty had already removed one of the patties stating, “This is ridiculous.”  So much for getting help with the fries.

Linebacker's Reward

Lineman’s Reward Before
Dusty couldn't hack it

And after...

I finished off my burger as Dusty was mentioning feeling about the same as our previous experience at Scotty P’s.  Maybe we should get salad next time.  Benji was calling for “Nana”.  It’s wasn’t bananas, it was the bottle of mustard.  I put some on his tray to try but he never did risk it.  Benji was not too happy this evening, even with food.  Not sure what the problem was.  He seemed to enjoy the food he had, he just wasn’t bringing his good attitude this evening.  So, being the pushover, I attempted some ice cream to please him.  It worked only briefly.  I knew it was time to go when he handed me the unfinished cone and said “dow”.

More ice cream for Benji


The food

Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries and Onion RingsMini CorndogsGood all around burger joint.  They have some excellent onion rings that melt in your mouth.  Its not that type where one bite and out come the whole onion leaving only a breading ring.  The burgers are also very good here.  As I mentioned, you can even get them medium rare.  The have several cheese options and their bacon is very tasty and crisp.  Great for a burger.  They come on fresh poppy seed buns that are also quite good.  They have some other typical fare: chicken and a few salads.  For desert they have milkshakes and ice cream.  I’m nearly certain it was Blue Bell, which is just fine.  The also have apple fritters with ice cream.  Never tried one but sounds tasty.

The service

It’s a walk up counter, but they were very friendly.  The ladies at the counter were fawning over the handsome dudes that walked up.  OK, maybe it was just Benji.

The kids

This is a good little kid friendly restaurant.  They have enough games to keep your child entertained while you wait the short time for your food to arrive.  You can’t go wrong with burgers and fries or a corn dog with the kids.  Its not the healthy choice, but what burger is?

The rest

I have to talk about the games.  The have one of the top pinball machines of all time: The Twilight Zone. This is a great pinball game if you like pinball.  It’s a shame to see them disappear.  I hope to get an arcade at home one day that will have several to introduce my kids to what a real arcade game should be.  This will be one of them.  Another will be Star Trek: The Next Generation.  That one gets my vote as the best pinball machine ever.  I think Grace would agree with me.

Also, let me not forget to mention this place had a decent patio.  It’s well covered and would be nice on a good evening or a cool Spring/Fall day.  It’s closed-in so your kids can run around without fear of them making it to the parking lot.

One last thing to note is the Snider Plaza location was the original, apparently.  They were recently ordered to vacant the premises after their lease expired.  They’d been there for 21 1/2 years.  You figured they were making room for something big, but the sign I read was Dunkin’ Donuts.  Now that’s a real shame.

Total cost: $28.90

Seriously, next place is salads or something healthy, at least.  My poor stomach can’t handle another burger.

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