The experience

Tonight we were meeting our very good friends for dinner.  One couple has two children, aged 5 months and 2 years -both girls.  The other couple is newly married and sans children.  We anticipated quite the fun evening, but we decided that at least the number of adults still outnumbered the number of kids and there would be three pediatricians at the table!  We were coming from all over to meet so we decided to meet centrally at Northpark at Kona Grill.  Wincy had the forethought and experience to call ahead for reservations so that when we arrived there’d be no wait. 

We arrived to find everyone else already seated, so I got the kids settled in while Ogre sat on the other side of the table with all the guys.  The kids immediately clamored for the etch a sketches sitting on the table.  Mina went crazy with it drawing some crazy grid.




Benji bored of it pretty quickly leading me to pull out his backpack full of toys he would not bore of.  Turns out, Bette also wanted to play with Benji’s toys.  Good thing we brought a lot of toys because 2 year olds don’t really know how to share and as Dr. Tomecko reminded me, “they’re not supposed to know how to share.”


Ogre ordered appetizers at the other end of the table, which was good because that would busy the kids and Benji was wanting to get out of his highchair to sit in “mommy lap.” 

The girls had our own conversation and the guys had their own conversation going.  Everytime I’d put my hand on the table, I’d feel a little tiny had grab my arm and slowly be brought to a drooling little mouth.  Wincy has the most laid back baby ever and she didn’t cry once during dinner.



The food came out and I gave the kids some pizza and Bette shared her noodles with the kids as well.  The kids ate reasonably well and then I think all the kids simultaneously wanted out of their seats. Bette was in Wincy’s lap, Mina was standing between Carolyn and Wincy and I let Benji onto my lap.  The moms got a little weary of this and we played a little musical chairs as I passed Benji off to Ogre and Bette was passed off to David and Georgia came back to Wincy and then to Carolyn.  Did you get all that??



As the kids got antsier, it was time to settle the bill and start packing up all the toys and child paraphenilia required for one evening outing.  We headed out and were easily swayed to detour to Orange cup for some dessert before going home.


 The food

I don’t know how’d you classify the food here…they have more seafood selections than usual here and their entrees have a tropical slant to them, but I don’t know if I’d call it Hawaiian.  I’m going to categorize it as such anyway since they fancy themselves “Kona Grill.”

DSC01132 We ordered two appetizers: the calamari and the avocado egg rolls. Ogre said that the avocado egg rolls were good, but not “super fantastic.” He says that if you like avocado, you’ll probably like these.  I don’t like avocado, DSC01133so I didn’t try them nor would I expect to like them!  I thought the calamari was just “okay.”  Nothing to write home about, but the kids seemed to like them.  They were mild and lightly breaded and the calamari was not too chewy.


DSC01134I ordered the Seabass.  David was quick to note that it was “Chilean Sea Bass,” which is why he didn’t order it, he worries about the fishiness of the fish if he is unsure what kind of seabass it is.  Well, I didn’t think it was fishy at all.  I thought the fish was very tender and buttery and the miso marinade was very good.  It came with green beans and a pork and shrimp fried rice.  I thought the pork and shrimp fried rice was not so great.  It was very saturated with soy sauce.  I notice a lot of non-Asian people dousing their rice with soy sauce, so perhaps other people like it like this, I do not.  The “schezuan” green beans were not very schezuan, they just tasted like green beans, which was fine with me.

DSC01139Ogre ordered the Macadamia Nut Chicken.  He said the chicken was tender and the sauce was good, but nothing that exciting.  Wincy also had this dish and thought it was good.  He said the white cheddar mashed potatoes just tasted like mashed potatoes and the veggies weren’t that exciting.

DSC01136Other items ordered included the Lemon Grass Crusted Halibut (reportedly good), the Ribs (I think he liked them since he ate most of it), and we think the Pork Tenderloin may have been ordered and are not sure what the review is on that one.

DSC01138 The kids ordered Linguine and a Cheese Pizza.  I thought the cheese pizza looked pretty good.  No complaints from the kids.


The service

Our service was pretty good.  I don’t have any complaints and the food came out at a reasonable tempo. 


The kids

I thought it was very kid friendly; much more than I anticipated.  Wincy called to make the reservation and when we arrived the set up a table with the high chairs in place, as well as an etch a sketch for each child!  They had a very nice little kids menu with a lot of selections for them also.  It was loud enough that the kids yelling or screaming was drowned out as well.  And they take reservations!!



This was a great choice for us to meet up in the middle of the metroplex (we were coming from Lakewood, East of Plano, and Irving!) and the adults were able to enjoy each other ‘s company and conversation while the kid remained as entertained as could be expected at their age!  I would recommend this place, but buyer beware, it’s a little more pricey for the food quality than I’d expect, but it’s also at Northpark…


 The total: 258.98 (6 adults, 4 kids, several adult bevvies)

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