The experience

I had to drive to Duncanville mid afternoon so I would be hitting downtown right a 5.  Seeing as I would be stuck in traffic for some time we opted to meet halfway.  After several phone calls we decided we would try to go to The Clay Pit on Beltline in Addison.  As it turned out, I made decent time and got there in about 45 minutes.  Grace was not so lucky and didn’t arrive until about 6:15 without Benji.  Turns out she made the trip to pick him up in vain as he was sleeping.  I helped them inside and they got to looking the menu over as I had already made up my mind.

Clay Pit Addison

They ordered their drinks and Mina quickly settled on her entree and asked to go to the restroom.  I returned and Grace was still not sure what to order.  Just then another waitress appeared and asked if we were ready.  Grace questioned her about the several lamb choices.  She did not seem to be a fan of any of them as the requirement was very tender.  All these would be cooked well done and she wasn’t sure about the Frontier Kebab.  Uh-oh.  Grace said she would need another minute.

Hanging out with Mina

Right behind that waitress came our real waitress.  She had further insight into the Frontier Kebab.  Turns out that was cooked to ordered.  Problem solved and decisions made, we placed our order.

We talked with Mina about her day and Grace mentioned that Mina had been asking about smoking for some reason. We settled on the fact that it was a bad habit.  Mina was trying to settle on a game for us to play.  She finally decided we should play the guessing game as our food arrived.  I told her I would play with her on the drive home and she could ride with me.

Staring Game

We settled on the staring game

Dinner went quickly as Mina enjoyed her pizza so much.  I had also offered to get her the Mango ice cream should she eat well.  Didn’t seem like that would be a problem this evening.  She was so impressed with the taste she said “You have to try this!”  It was really good.  Once she convinced Grace to try she happened to not be looking when she took her bite so she made her take another one to see that she liked it.

Once the waitress returned we ordered a kid size version of Mango Ice Cream.  We got the call that Benji had awoken and so Mina finished up her dessert and we headed out the door to pick up what would turn out to be our sick son.  Me and Mina played the guessing game nearly the whole ride home.

Mango Ice Cream

The food

The food was very good.  I was unimpressed with the location at Austin when I at there some years ago.  But, after waiting about 2.5 hours, I was probably biased.  That’s what you get when you attempt to eat out in Austin.

Cucumber SaladChicken KabobI started with a Cucumber Salad.  It was cucumbers,tomato and onion in a tamarind sauce.  It was quite good.  The tamarind sauce was tangy yet sweet and the cucumber was crisp and fresh.  My one complaint was they used beef steak tomatoes in wedges which I always find a bit dense.  For my entree, I ordered the Malai Kebab, which was basically a chicken kabob.  It was marinated with a garlic yogurt sauce that gave the chicken great flavor.  It was well cooked and juicy served on a hot skillet with sweet caramelized onions.  Great healthy meal.

Rack of LambGrace settled on the Frontier Kabob after much discussion with the waitresses.  It came served over a bed of roasted cumin potatoes in a sour cream based sauce.  I didn’t try the lamb but Grace said it was really good.  We both agreed that, although they didn’t have ton of cumin flavor, the potatoes were outstanding.

Naan PizzaMina went for the Cheese Naan Pizza.  I tried to get her to go for the chicken based on the one I saw on our way to the restroom that was covered in juicy tandoori chicken.  Turns out it is great with just cheese.  It is naan with tikka masala sauce for the pizza sauce covered in mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  Mina liked it so much she was raving about it and forced us to try.  I am glad she did because it was excellent.

We also ordered Onion/Cilantro Naan and Cream Cheese Naan.  If you like cream cheese, you’ll like the latter.  It was a bit rich for my diet though.  The onion version seemed to be lacking cilantro and the onions were a but under caramelized so it was a bit too bitter.  I think I’d just order a cheese naan pizza for the bread next time.

They have a buffet on the weekends for lunch that the waitress was raving about.

The service

The service was very goof tonight.  They kept the drinks refilled and the food came out quickly once we ordered.  The staff readily helped each other to ensure everyone had what they needed.  The busboy was impressive as well.  He helped with drinks, boxes and clearing the table.  The waitress was very helpful about the dishes as well.  The waitress and hostess checked in regularly while I waited for Grace and Mina.

The kids

I was surprised with the level of kid friendly choices here. Typically, your only choice at an Indian restaurant is chicken nuggets. They had a complete menu here. They did not have activities and it may be a bit too upscale during a busy weekend evening, but if you make it early or do the weekend lunch buffet, you will have issues.

Total Cost: $71

The rest

I forgot to take the camera out of Grace’s and finish car last night as Benji woke up and had to be held for quite some time so this didn’t get posted as planned last night.  Once Dr. Mom gets back from work I’ll be adding the pictures. Lucky for you, you will get two posts to read fairly close together :)

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