The experience

DSC_0150It was our last day in Blue Bell Country and my friend took the day off to spend with us, we thought we’d head into Houston for lunch at a place owned by some restauranteurs that she likes.  She’s never tried the place, but thought it would be fun.  We were driving from Cat Spring so we decided to meet her there.  We drove about an hour to Houston to eat at Beaver’s for lunch.

We arrived first as Adrienne had to finish up some errands and they were coming a tad bit further away than us.  We decided to sit out on the patio since it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside!  The kids were happy to play with the rocks beneath us and Ogre and I chatted while we waited for our friends to arrive. 


For whatever reason, Benji decided that he needed to bring Spongebob and Night Night with him (these are his two security items, very LARGE security items).  I would have nixed bringing them into the restaurant, but Papa is a little more lax than I am.


Benji thought it was super-cool that his hands turned white (“Benji hand white!”) when he played with the rocks.  We let Benji wander around as the area is pretty well enclosed and separated from the road and that kept the kids happy while we waited.  Our server even brought Mina a book to read to help pass the time, which made Mina very happy as she is very into reading right now!


Ogre and I decided to go ahead and order munchies and these came out in a flash!  Just as we started to dig in, our friends showed up, which caused a lot of excitement since Benji and Mina love to play with Kaili.  It was easy to puruse the menu and chat since the kids occupied each other and they were not constrained to the table.


The kids played by the table and over in what seemed to be a lounge area around a great big tree. 


We ordered more appetizers and lunch and chatted while the kids played.  I actually have no idea what the kids were playing, but they were behaving and checking back in with us every once in a while and they were definitely in eye shot of at least one adult at all times.


When lunch arrived, the kids were corralled back to the table.  Poor Mina had a very difficult time with her ribs and eventually gave them up!


Benji had a wonderful time with his macaroni and cheese, taking a bite, and wandering off, then returning for another bite.    Kaili did the same with her lunch also.


Once we decidedly finished lunch, I brought Benji his rice pudding we bought him earlier to spoon feed him while he played.  I realized why the kids liked it by the great big tree, it was very relaxing over there. Slowly, but surely, the rest of the table joined us by the tree and they served us our dessert there, which made things even more perfect! 

Everyone enjoyed the desserts and FINALLY, we willed ourselves to get up and head back to Brenham, but all agreed we probably could have sat there for 3 more hours!


The food

I have no idea what to call the food they serve here.  It’s certainly eclectic.  For the most part, it’s got BBQ and then some other stuff.  I’ll just have to link the menu here so you can see what I mean.

DSC_0135We ordered the Stuffed Pepperocini Angels to start, which are pepperocinis stuffed with pork and cream cheese, breaded and deep fried and served with some type of  ?horseradish sauce.  Now that I read it, it doesn’t sound very appetizing.  It definitely tastes better than it sounds, but was too spicy for me. 

Our friends also ordered the Nacho Mama’s Oysters, which are breaded and deep fried oysters served atop a fried won-ton chip.  They thought it was excellent.  I had a bite and I agree that it was tasty.  Ogre does not like oysters and ,as anticipated, did not like these.

 I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich and was done after about two bites. A little too meaty for me.  Ogre ate half of mine since Mina ate the pulled pork off his BBQ platter and he thought it was very good. The meat is marinated in a mustard/vinegar based BBQ sauce (reminds me of Maurice’s in South Carolina).   The bread was super soft and very buttery.

DSC_0142Ogre ordered the BBQ platter, which came with 1/8 chicken, 2 ribs, pulled pork and sausage.  The chicken was juicy and very tasty, the sausage was coarsely ground and has jalapenos, but the big problems was the ribs.  Basically INEDIBLE!!  He was barely able to cut through the ribs with a knife and significant difficulty tearing the meat off the bone and apart.  Mina even asked Papa if he could cut up her rib for her, but they both gave up the ribs for pulled pork!

DSC_0141We also ordered a side of mac and cheese for Benji, which looked great!  The cheese is parmesan and cheddar with corkscrew pasta.  He and Mina both loved it!


DSC_0139Adrienne ordered the Chicken Sandwich without the bun.  It is pulled chicken with a fried egg on top and served with cole slaw (no one was a fan of the cole slaw).  She thought the pulled chicken was just “okay.” 


DSC_0140Adrienne’s brother ordered the crab quesadillas, which sounded tasty on the menu.  He didn’t really have any thing good or bad to say about it except that he was pretty turned off by the presence of thin “shells” (I don’t know what that part of the crab is called) in the filling.  I think it’s pretty difficult to separate out real crab meat so I can see why they’d miss some, but I agree it’s disturbing to have in your mouth.

The desserts were definitely the highlight!!  We ordered the Pecan Pie and the Beaver Balls both with ice cream…Brown Butter Ice Cream.  De lish!!!!  The Pecan Pie got nods from both Adrienne and Ogre, who like Pecan Pie and the Beaver Balls got nods from everyone!!  These are brownies that were rolled in some type of crisp and, you guessed it, deep fried!  This makes they have almost a truffle consistency.  The Brown Butter Ice Cream was also excellent.  I commented that it tasted like vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone without the sugar cone crunch.  Nice and creamy.  I’d go back for the ice cream!!


The service

Very friendly and attentive.  Definitely made us feel like the kids were not a problem nor were they a bother.  Brought a book unsolicited to the kids.  Food comes out at a nice tempo.


The kids

If you ignore all the innuendos and paraphenilia by the bathroom, then yes! it’s kid friendly.   They have good and healthful kids menu choices and were kind enough to bring a book for the kids to enjoy while we waited.  It seemed pretty laid back while we were there and if you’re outside, it’s great for the kids!

We enjoyed it, but thought it was on the pricier side.  It’s got a great patio and a fun vibe, my friend who lives in Brenham said she’d definitely be back!

Total: 60 bucks for our half

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