The experience

It is a busy weekend for us.  Ogre’s aunt and uncle (Oma’s brother and sister) are visiting this weekend and we all met up for the King Tut exhibit (an almost fiasco in its own right – crazy packed!!).  After spending 2 hours with King Tut’s afterworld belongings, we decided we’d eat.   We are Phippses after all.  There is a great German grocery store and restaurant in Snider Plaza so we thought we’d take Uncle Bernie and Aunt Marianne to eat some GREAT German food.  We met up with them at the restaurant and when we got there we found Oma and Grandpoo waiting for a table.  Party of eight is pretty large for this little restaurant.

Having arrived later than everyone else, we only had to wait about 5 minutes before we were seated.  We all arranged ourselves.  It was a tight squeeze, so we ended up reshuffling to make it so that Grandpoo had some elbow room.

Benji brought his backpack and his “Snort” in (it’s really just a truck).  This kept him entertained for quite some time and when he bored of this, we had more toys in his backpack.  Perfect for curing the bad behavior blues!

Mina soon realized that she did not have her backpack with her and sent me back out to the car for her backpack.  The kids were pretty well entertained so that we could all catch up.

We ordered lunch and waited for our meals while the kids played.  We noted that the drinks were taking quite some time to come out.  Once the drinks arrived, Benji immediately noted that Ate Mina (Big Sister Mina in Tagalog)  had orange juice and he did not prompting Ogre to order him some Apple Juice.  Once he got it, he must’ve said, “Benji Apple Juice” 20 times.  The boy likes to talk.



All the cups and straws made it a perfect scenario for Benji to “rock out” with his straws.



Service was definitely slower than usual today.  The potato pancakes came out just before I started to get antsy.  I was very pleased that the kids were behaving themselves.   Benji thought the potato pancakes were great!  So much so that I did not eat mine so that if wanted more, there’d be some available.  Good thing, too, because he ended up also eating mine.

Next out came lunch.  I cut up some of my Weisswurst for Benji and he LOVED it.  He said, “Goo Sausage” (good sausage) and nodded his head in approval.  He must have eaten half of my Weisswurst!  He also liked the red cabbage and I ended up giving him a couple more spoonfuls before lunch was over.

In addition to using his straws as drumsticks, Benji also decided to try to use them as eating utensils but was unable to spear the saltine cracker.  He gave up and went back to trying to stick his fork into the straw.



I am not mentioning Mina much because she was seated between Oma and Grandpoo.  I know that she ate well today and had a Weinerwurst for lunch that did not require prodding for her to eat. 



By the time we finished eating lunch, we were sufficiently stuffed and could not muster the energy or room to order any dessert, and as Aunt Marianne pointed out, “Weren’t we eating dinner in a few hours?”

Uncle Bernie was kind enough to pay for lunch (thanks again!) and we headed on home to recuperate before dinner.



The food

German food at its best (for Dallas anyway!).

DSC_0093We ordered potato pancakes…nine potato pancakes to be exact.  Uncle Bernie ate 3 before anyone could blink an eye.  Benji also devoured his.  These really are the best potato pancakes I’ve had in Dallas.  Nice potato flavor, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and with a good potato flavor.  Served with sour cream and an apple sauce.  Benji and I eat ours with ketchup.

DSC_0095Uncle Bernie, Ogre and I each ordered the Grilled Weisswurst.  It comes with red cabbage, sauerkraut and potato salad.  Excellent.  The weisswurst is made there and finely ground.  There aren’t any better any where else.  Fresh and tasty, particularly when grilled.  I think that the red cabbage is also excellent.  I did not eat the sauerkraut, but Ogre did and said it was “tasty.”  I also like their potato salad.  It’s served warm and is a “no frills” potato salad.

DSC_0097Mina ordered the Weisswurst on a hot dog bun and it was served with fruit (kids meal choice).  I’ve had this and it’s like eating the best hot dog ever.  Very good. 



DSC_0098 Let’s see.  Aunt Marianne ordered the Wiener Schnitzel and Oma and Grandpoo ordered some kind of sandwich (roast beef maybe?).  Anyway, I know that Oma and Grandpoo love this place also and I didn’t hear any complaints so I’m going to give the roast beef sandwich a probable thumbs up.  Grandpoo did mention that they have the best wurst salad here and I’d have to agree.


They also have grilled cheese and one other item that I can’t recall on the kids menu.


The service

I think we arrived at the height of the lunch rush as service was overall slow.  The drinks and the food were slow to come out.  Our waitress was nice enough, just not fast enough.


The kids

I would call this place a kid friendly restaurant.  They don’t have coloring or activities for the kids, but they have some kids menu choices and it’s a laid back, family restaurant.

I would have no problems bringing kids to eat here and would feel comfortable doing so.  If you’re looking for German food, I really don’t think there is anything better in the DFW metroplex.  And after you eat, you can grab some great fresh meats and sausages, as well as other European gourmet items to take with you!  Perfect!

The total: 66ish (6 adults)

Picture courtesy of Mina:


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