The experience

Tonight Mina was going to be part of Las Posadas at church.  She was going to be playing the bells and singing Joy To The World.  She’d be going to church with Oma and Grandpoo for some time practicing. We panned to eat somewhere all together after.  Mina and Oma did an excellent job.  It was a great performance.  Now it was time to choose the restaurant.  It was between Luna de Noche and another Mexican restaurant that I could not recall the name of.  Both of them in Richardson.  Grandpoo said he’d just follow us and we should decide on the place on the way.  Grandpoo apparently tried to call 10 times on the way because he had no idea he was behind me the whole time.  Luckily he assumed correctly that I would just go for the place we could remember and we all arrived at the same time to Luna de Noche.

silly Mina

We got seated very quickly and put in our drink orders.  Benji hadn’t been behaving at the church as he was wanting to go join his Ate Mina on stage so we weren’t sure he’d behave.  But, for the moment he seemed happy.  We all discussed how great Mina did when our drinks arrived.  Everyone else was preoccupied and Oma had mentioned the queso flameado.  I thought that would be cool but also that the kids may not enjoy it and that it may set Benji off that he could not dip dip in the queso flameado.  So I hedged and got the flameado and a cup of chili con queso.  Good thing too.  Turns out Grace and Grandpoo weren’t big fans of the chorizo.

The queso arrived and we were all entertained by the show.  Benji was staring at the fire.  Hopefully we are not encouraging pyromania.  I got Mina to try some and she actually sort of liked it but not enough to eat that much more.  Benji seemd to like it a bit more and was stuffing the stringy cheese in his mouth.  I’m sure his Mommy was enjoying that.


Our waiter returned to take our order.  Mina opted for a cheeseburger and we figured Benji could share with us.  Mine came with tortilla soup which I kindly offered to my beautiful wife.  Benji also loves soup so I was sure she’d be sharing with her sweet boy.  Benji was happy to find out that she was.

Benji loves soup

Our food arrived as we were finishing up our discussion of who likes and who dislikes chorizo and why. Everyone dug in and dinner went pretty smooth from then on.  Mina seems to behave better the more people there are at dinner.  Benji didn’t ask to get down until right before everyone finished the entrees. Maybe Benji will end up doing better at dinner too.  He eats better than his sister but he sure doesn’t behave as well.  He even stole his Mommy’s lime tonight!

Benji stole Mommy's limes

The waiter came to ask about dessert.  Mina had already told me they had flan for dessert.  She turned to me when the waiter mentioned it again.  I knew Mommy and Benji would be eating some as well.  The dessert arrived quickly and Mina began to horde the entire thing.  Cutting off 2/3 of it for herself.  We had to stop her.  It took two requests.  Mommy has created a flan monster.  After that, everyone who wanted some got some, though I think everyone ate less than they would have to let Mina get more.  I paid up the check and we headed home.

The food

The food is average here. I think there was varying opinions on all the dishes but I think everyone agreed nothing really stood out as excellent.

queso flameadochile con quesoWe started out with Queso Flameado and Chile con Queso. The chile con queso was pretty good though I prefer a richer one myself. The kids enjoyed it as did Grandpoo. The queso flameado was a great show. I enjoyed it quite a bit as did Oma, but Grace and Grandpoo weren’t big fans because they aren’t really chorizo fans in the first place. It was quite a bit of chorizo, which is fine by me.

spicy enchiladasI went for the Spicy Enchiladas. It was an interesting enchilada. It was quite different than you’d get elsewhere. It was a cheddar cheese sauce with serrano peppers. The flavor was good and it was pretty quite spicy which made it a good choice for me. I got one beef and one chicken. The meat was good but not excellent. Overall it was a pretty good meal.

tortilla soupMine also came with Chicken Soup which I gave to grace. She said it was pretty good though since she is already sleeping that’s about all I have on that.


cheeseburgerMina went for a Cheeseburger. She ate a decent amount wrapping up a pretty good couple days of eating. This is one of the longer stretches of decent eating. Maybe she’s starting to change her eating attitude. Time will tell.

La Cueva PlateGrace ordered the Cuevas Platter. It was Beef Fajitas with a Cheese Enchilada. I think she clearly thought this was just average. Her and Grandpoo were on the same page about the beef fajita meat tonight. She didn’t even eat one of her slices of fajita because it was too overcooked for her.

beef fajita nachosAlong those same complaint lines was Grandpoo’s Beef Fajita Nachos. Grace and him concurred that they nachos were nothing special. They were lacking tomatoes in essence only beans cheese and fajita meat and you already know what they thought about the meat.

vegetable enchiladasOma ordered Luna Vegetable Enchiladas. They came with a salad that what we all agreed came with an excellent balsamic vinaigrette. She commented that she really enjoyed the enchiladas. They were covered with a large amount of grilled vegetables. If you were in the mood for a fresh enchilada and a ton of veggies this would be a good choice.

flanWe ordered the flan for dessert. Everyone seemed to enjoy it even though Mina ate most of it. Still not as good as Mario’s Chiquita, but not bad. Seems like the hunt for the new best flan will continue for another day.

The service

The service as very good today. He kept the drinks filled and the table cleared. He was quick to take food orders and was helpful with the menu. No complaints here.

The kids

Average for kid friendly restaurants. Maybe even on the low side. The did have a kids menu but not activities and it is a more upscale Mexican atmosphere which lowers the comfort level a bit when dining out with the kids. The waitstaff and other patrons seemed all not to be bothered and the kids were pretty well behaved at dinner, except when Mina tried to horde all the flan.

Total Cost: I think Grace has he receipt. I believe it was just over $100 with 4 adults and two margaritas.

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