The only options we had for “a la Carte” dinner on Sunday night was Mexican or Italian.  We were not going to choose Mexican…come on, we’re from Texas!  So we rolled the dice with Il Capriccio.  Unfortunately, I lost.

The appetizers/starters are set up at a buffet.  They have a little bar to make your own bruschetta, which was quite clever and the have an assortment of items that you might find on an antipasto bar such as salami, cheese, carpaccio.  We tried most of these and the salami and the cheese were fine.  I did not try the carpaccio after hearing much less than rave reviews about it from Ogre.  They also had some little “micro cuisine” dishes.  They were little plates of  a slice of breaded and deep fried tomato or a slice of julienned cucumber with a sauce on it.  Nothing was spectacular or elcited a wow from Ogre or me.

Ogre ordered the steak and specified medium rare, which was either not understood or ignored.  He said the flavor was fine, but over-done.  It was served with mashed potatoes.  Overall, he was underwhelmed with dinner.

I ordered the “RED tuna skewers.” I even asked if the tuna was seared and the server acted like he knew exactly what I was talking about and yes, it would be seared.  What arrived before me was WHITE tuna skewers, i.e., fully cooked tuna.  Gross.  I heart raw tuna, but DO NOT LIKE cooked tuna.  I even sent it back and again the guy seemed to understand me, but alas what was placed before me looked no different than the first dish.  I muddled my way through it until I could stomach no more. 

You’d think, okay, ice cream for dinner, couldn’t be bad. You’d be wrong.  Ogre and I took a bite of ice cream at the same time and looked at one another.  What the…??  There was a weird grainy texture to the ice cream that we ended up attributing to ?perhaps the use of powdered milk to make their ice cream??  I don’t know, but even the kids didn’t seem to enjoy it.  Pushing it aside after just a few bites.


So that was our dining experience in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Much, much less that stellar and very, very disappointing!

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