The experience

I was Mina’s chauffeur again this evening driving a ways to her hula class.  Ogre and I decided we’d meet after her class and thought that our plan a couple weeks ago to meet halfway would work again, so we decided on the El Chico right by the Bone Daddy’s we went to two weeks ago.  Mina and I, of course, arrived first and we were seated right away.

While we waited, I ordered some queso to munch on.  The baby waits for no one.  Mina and I played a few rounds of Tic Tac Toe. By the time Ogre arrived, I was up 2 wins to none for Mina.  We played one last game and she trapped me into a win for her. 

I scooped out some queso for Benji prior to stirring it all up since the menu said “spicy taco meat.”  I thought the queso in and of itself was a little spicy, which Ogre disagreed with me on, but Benji clearly agreed as he asked for water after one bite.  It didn’t stop him from eating the queso once he had some water nearby!

Mina attempted to do the crossword puzzle, but didn’t quite “get” that she was supposed to write the words in the boxes and just wrote them in really big letters across the puzzle board.  Whatever, she was happy that she got them all.

Our food came out pretty shortly and I relayed an amusing story to Ogre about how Benji came up to me when I told my parents that he scratched his face and said, “Ack-lee, Jacob scratch me.” I dont’ really believe this is true.  A couple weeks ago, someone at school bit Benji’s face, but he won’t say who and he answers postively when we ask if any person’s name bit him.  Mina said to Benji, “Benji, did Snowman bite your face?”  To which Benji replied, “Mmm-hmmm.”  That cracked us up.

Mina’s dinner was cold in the middle.  We had to send that back, which took a little bit of time, but overally the kids were very well behaved.


Benji was entertained with the family in the booth behind him as they had a toddler as well and they played some peek-a-boo and danced.  I hope he wasn’t too annoying.


Mina showed off a few of the new dance moves she learned at class, which is entertaining for Ogre and me to see.

I did have to prod Mina to eat more, which Ogre made sure to raise an eyebrow at because I was not eating very much of my own dinner.  I stabbed his hand with a fork in retaliation.

We decided we’d head out before any family feuds could start.


The food

Tex Mex.

photoI ordered some queso to start…the “Top Shelf” Queso to be exact…it was their chili con queso with pico de gallo and spicy taco meat.  It was on the spicy side in my opinion, but Ogre disagreed saying it was not spicy at all.  The queso was nice and creamy so I liked it overall.

photoI ordered the Nachos al Pastor.  I don’t know why.  Ogre reminded me that I don’t like “al pastor.”  It looked good and nothing else on the menu was tickling my fancy.  It was okay.  Like Ogre said, I don’t really like al pastor.  It’s a large platter of nachos if anyone is thinking of ordering this as an appetizer.

photoOgre ordered the tacos al pastor.  He only thought they were okay saying that they needed more sauce, but they had a good pork flavor.



photoMina ordered a Cheese Enchilada, she said that she liked it and Ogre thought it tasted good when he had a bite, but she didn’t eat very much of it.  I think she had a sandwich at Lala’s house before we left for hula class though.



The service

Started out good, but slowly deteriorated.  She just wasn’t very present.  She was nice enough and made sure to get Mina’s dish corrected and told us if it was wrong a second time she’d “fix it herself.”  But she was gone for long periods of time and our drinks were not refilled very frequently.  Food comes out at a quick tempo (maybe too quick for Mina’s dish to be cooked thoroughly.


The kids

They have coloring and a pretty big kids  menu, including choices for bigger kids, which is always nice to see.  It’s laid back and casual.

I thought it was overpriced for the quality of food and it was very evident from Mina’s dish that this is a premade dish (?frozen) that is re-heated for serving.  Reinforced why we don’t typically eat here!

The total: 42.41 (2 margaritas)

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