The experience

Last night’s storm made for a later morning for me this morning and, thus, later getting home from rounding.  I suggested we get a quick bite for lunch somewhere and Ogre did not want to waste a meal out so he turned it into our childsplate adventure for the day.  We decided on La Madeleine as I wanted soup on this dreary day. 

We got in line and a lady took our order for items not on the line and we went forward down the line with kids in tow.  This could be a problem juggling little ones and your tray if you were here by yourself or outnumbered.  Luckily, the kids chose to behave as we moved through the line so I could get a drink and my soup.  Ogre was taking care of the kids’ order and his food, so I told the cashier Ogre would be paying and corralled the kids over to my favorite table, the one right by the fire. 

We sat down and the kids busied themselves with the crayons and coloring sheet.  Ogre showed up a few moments later and looked at me with stinkeye.  Turns out this is NOT his favorite table.

I was able to start in on my soup and kids started on the strawberries Ogre picked up (all of the stuff from the line) while waited for the hot food to come out.  It didn’t take too long.

Unfortunately, as soon as Benji saw the yogurt that came with their mac and cheese, he wanted that.  I had to hide it so that he would eat his macaroni and cheese and would stop pitching a fit. 


Mina was doing very well eating her strawberries and macaroni and cheese and even had to scoop out more from Benji’s plate. 


Meanwhile, Ogre is literally sweating as he eats his lunch.  I was quite comfortable.  He made quite the show of wiping his forehead and telling me how hot it was.  I just rolled my eyes.  He was also a little annoyed by Benji’s persistent and consistent requests to wipe his hands (mac and cheese is very messy!).  I asked him if he wanted to switch seats with me to which he did not reply.

As we finished up lunch, I took Mina to the restroom and when we returned the boys had already gotten up and were sitting outside “cooling off.” 


The food

I think it’s supposed to be French food.  And yes, they do have some traditional French lunch items and definitely have a wonderful bakery, but they also have your usual sandwiches, salads and pasta salads also.

IMG00594I ordered the Duet Magnifique with half sandwich and cup of soup.  I chose the Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich and a cup of the French Onion soup.  I like the sandwich here, though I must warn you that it’s quite small.  The bread is warm, but the salad is cold and it comes together very nicely.  I also like the French Onion soup here.  I typically get it without the croutons and the the cheese.  I’ve seen how they dress the soup and they just put cold strips of cheese in the soup, which I don’t like to see, but since I don’t order it with cheese it doesn’t bother me THAT much.

IMG00591Ogre ordered the Caeasar Salad with Chicken and a cup of Tomato Basil.  I wouldn’t dare ask how many calories is in that soup, but it must be a lot as it tastes so nice and buttery!  I love the Tomato Basil soup, it’s very creamy with a hint of tomato sweetness.  The Caesar Salad is also very good here.  The dressing coats the lettuce and sticks very nicely and it’s not to overpowerful of a dressing.

IMG00593The kids ordered the macaroni and cheese, which I was disappointed to find is just Kraft brand.  Come on, now, you’re supposed to be a French Cafe! Their meal came with some yogurt as well.


The service

Counter service.


The kids

Yes, kid friendly.  Kid coloring, kids menu choices, laid back.

I think this is a good example of a chain done right. I like this place for breakfast and for lunch and for their pastries!

The total: 29.83

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