The experience

DSC_0023We do a lot of celebrating in April. Today is my and Ogre’s anniversary.  So where does my loving husband take me out to eat?  That Chinese place around the corner by the CVS.  I was a little wary, but I haven’t had a strong opinion about eating out lately, so I said sure.  And this isn’t really the special place the family is going out to eat for our anniversary, we just needed to eat somewhere quick because I had a meeting after lunch and the place we’re really going to tonight would have been a repeat!

As we drove up, Ogre tried to quell my fears by telling me that this place has been here for ages and is still around while many other restaurants and stores in the areas have come and gone.  I wasn’t convinced.  When we walked in, I realized why that was true, the place was covered in teenage angst.  Looks like the PESH crowd likes this place!

Benji and I went and sat at the booth, well, let me clarify, I went and sat down while Benji got up and down and wandered around and came back and left again.  Ogre was busy collecting drinks, silverware and napkins while we waited for our order (it’s counter service).


Ogre came back and they dropped off my soup.  Ogre realized I’d need a spoon for that and grabbed a spoon for me while Benji continued to roam around.  No one seemed to mind, even when he was chanting “GO OUTSIDE!  WANT GO OUTSIDE! GO OUTSIDE!” while he marched in circles.


Our lunch came out and we tried to get Benji to sit down with us and he did, but he was still in very hyper mood.   He tried to close up the Styrofoam container we were using as his “plate,” then he tried to grab my phone almost dropping into my Hot and Sour soup.  He got mildly scolded for that and when Ogre told him to sit down, he took it quite literally, said, “okay,” and sat down on the bench, now unable to reach the table.  Sigh.

Then he decided it’s funner to be up moving around and when he came back, he had a fortune cookie in his hand.  I loudly said, “Where’d you get this?!” thinking he picked it up off a dirty table.  The waitress then admitted she gave it to him.  Nice, but geez, now he’s never going to eat his lunch.  We tried to reason with him to take a bite of chicken and then we’d open the fortune cookie.  Not working.  He just kept crying, “Open por me.   Open it.”  (Open for me. Open it).  I ended up trying to hide it and he kept looking for it knowing I stashed it.

Then ANOTHER waitress came up with TWO fortune cookies in each hand and she tried to hand it to him while tricking him into letting him pick him up.  Well, he got the two fortune cookies, but was pretty adamant that she would not be letting her pick him up.

So, now we had three fortune cookies, one crying child and one uneaten piece of chicken.  I finally told Ogre to just open one fortune cookie (mainly because I didn’t want those waitresses to feel bad for their efforts) and he ate the cookie AND his chicken.  Win win.

And with that, we left so we could drop off Benji with Lolo while I went to my meeting.


The food

They serve Chinese (Americanized Chinese) and Japanese (yes, even sushi, yikes!) food here.  It’s pretty close to mall food quality.

DSC_0026I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken since that seemed safe and if I were at the mall, that’s what I’d probably get.  It was decent.  The chicken was pretty tender and the sweet and sour sauce is artificially red and sickly sweet, so watch out! 


DSC_0027Ogre ordered the Spicy Chicken and describes it as “okay” and that it’s “your average mall style Chicken dish.”  Wasn’t good, wasn’t bad.

The kids menu offers Chicken Tenders, Chicken Lo Mein and one other Chicken dish I can’t recall for $4.25 and I think it comes with an egg roll, maybe more.


The service

Counter service. 

The kids

They have a kids menu and it’s laid back and casual.  The servers were particularly cute, or somewhat strange, depending on how you look at it.  They kept giving Benji fortune cookies (they didn’t really ask me) and then one lady tried to pick Benji up from our table, which Benji was having none of, but in her defense she said she wanted to do it “so you can eat” gesturing towards me. 

It’s fine if you want a little bit better (but not much) mall-quality Chinese food.  It’s quick and easy and wasn’t awful.

The total: cheap.

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