The experience

DSC_0057You know I had that idea to go to Steak and Shake for a quick dinner yesterday and ended up 30 miles away from home.  I suggested it again today.  Actually, let me back track.  As you know, Mina spends Wednesday evenings with her grandparents, who usually pick her up from school.  Benji started “school” this week (it’s really daycare), so I said that I would pick up the kids and bring Mina over to their house.  Fine. Well, Benji didn’t think it was fine and wanted to go with Mina.  I told Grandpoo that I needed Benji for dinner.  I told Ogre this when I got home and he had the most horrified look on his face that I would not let Benji eat dinner with them and that Benji would be “lonely.”  I must defend myself by saying that Benji really could have cared less by the time we drove away.  He’s very here and now.  So, anyway, I suggested Steak and Shake, but no, couldn’t do that because Mina would like that and he didn’t want to eat there without her. Sheesh. Since when did Ogre turn in to such a softie??  We also had to go to Sam’s (one of the reasons I chose Steak and Shake was because there’s one right by Sam’s off the tollway).  Ogre headed towards the other Sam’s and to any random restaurant that we might encounter.  We encountered Little Hunan Chinese Cuisine.

We were told to sit where ever we wanted.  The place was empty.  I think they have more of a pick-up business than dine-in as lots of people came in and out while we were eating and only one other couple actually stayed to dine in.

Benji asked for a high chair, so we had the server bring us one.  It was totally old school and on wheels!  Benji wanted his “seat buckle,” but unfortunately, this high chair did not have this.  He was a little alarmed, perhaps out of his routine, but got over it when Ogre let him blow the paper off the straws. 

We ordered dinner and it arrived very quickly.  We also quickly realized that Benji was expecting “doo doos” (noodles) and put it an order for a side of lo mein.  In the meantime, Ogre let him have the crepes that came with his Mu Shu (we called them tor-tortillas so Benji would have some familiarity).  He dipped that into the Hoison Sauce and took bites and made a mess of his face.


When his lo mein came out and we put some on his plate, Benji told Ogre “take picture!”  And of course, we obliged.  Cute, right?


Except that every time, we put more noodles on his plate, he wanted us to take a picture.  I talked him to letting us take a picture of his train tatto and he was okay with that.


Benji was very good at dinner, stayed in his seat and gave me messy kisses and hugs, so we all got fortune cookies.  The fortune cookies did not forewarn us of the pending storm!   We still needed to head to Sam’s and pick up Mina, and good thing we did all this in short order,  as just after we picked up Mina, the tornado sirens were blaring.  We got home, and about 15 minutes later, the wall of wind hit our neighborhood!  Scary stuff!!


The food

Americanized Chinese food.  I don’t know if Hunan describes a certain part of the country with a subtly different way of cooking.

DSC_0059I opted for the Hunan Combination dish since we were at Little Hunan.  It was average.  It had the standard brown sauce with a little bit of spiciness to it (was that the Hunan part??).  The vegetables were pretty good, not overcooked at all, but I did not like the beef in it.  I thought that it was grizzly and chewy.  Ogre said that he disagreed with me completely on that and that the beef was just fine.  We both thought the shrimp and chicken in it was okay. 

DSC_0058Ogre ordered the Mu Shu Chicken, but really only ate the filling part of it.  I think he is on a pseudodiet.  He did not eat the crepes or the Hoison sauce that came with it.  He thought the Mu Shu was excellent.


DSC_0061Benji had the lo mein and thought it was very good.  I would have to agree with him and had to eat some also! 



The service

Reasonable.  He took our order, brought our food, refilled our drinks.  Was not super friendly, but accommodated our request for some lo mein for Benji.


The kids

By default, I suppose it’s kid friendly because it’s a casual Chinese restaurant, but they don’t have a kids menu or kids activities.  Ogre did notice that there was a Little Tikes plastic rocking horse underneath one of their tables, but I don’t actually believe it was for public consumption.  Two of their high chairs must have been from 1975, I should have taken a pic of it!  Benji wanted his “seat buckle,” but alas, this one did not have one!

Ogre liked it pretty well, me, not so much.  I’m very picky about my Chinese food -even the Americanized Chinese Food and this didn’t cut it for me.

The total: $18.30

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