The experience

IMG00529Today Ogre was complaining of a migraine, so we left him at home.  I picked up the kids and headed out to dinner.  My parents were very concerned with this outing of mine wishing me luck on my lonesome adventure.  I didn’t have a plan.  I actually hoped that there’d be a Korean restaurant up near Legacy, but when I got there, no dice.  So, we ended up at Little Sichuan Cuisine.  We walked in and were seated right away.

For whatever reason, our waitress gave us two menus.  Which was fine as Mina wanted to read the menu until Benji wanted a menu also.  Then it was just a fiasco.  Luckily we brought some books for Benji to “read.”



Then the kids noticed the chopsticks as I was trying to order our dinner.  Each of them got a set of chopsticks to “rock out.” Benji kept pointing to the decorations overhead calling them “pumpkins.” 



Once the kids were done drumming, they decided to make Benji’s books “dance.”  This was cute until Benji decided to just take his and bang the binding on to the table.  Yup, those were taken away.



Luckily, there seems to be a lot that can be done with chopsticks and everything Mina did, Benji wanted to copy. Benji made a chopstick hat and said, “Look-uh me!  Look-uh me! Cha-stick hat!”  Then Mina made the Letter “T.”   (Benji did also, but his looked more like a “y.”



I think Benji must’ve said “Look-uh me!” a hundred times!

Thankfully, our food came out and I cut up some of the fish for each of the kids, gave them some rice and one dumpling each.  The servers kept laughing at the kids as they used their chopsticks, particularly at Benji who actually only had one chopstick because he lost one.  He would get so frustrated when he couldn’t stab the “bread” (that’s what he called the fish) or the dumpling. 



Somehow, Benji turned himself around and saw the missing chopstick.  I wouldn’t pick it up for him and told him it was dirty.  His response?  To throw the other one on the ground.  When I told him I wouldn’t pick that one up either, he threw a gnarly tantrum!



While I ignored him, his sister resolved the situation by giving him one of her chopsticks.  I, in turn, gave Mina one of mine for being so sweet.  She asked me what happened to her other one (not the one she gave Benji) and we were both perplexed for a minute before I saw that she had stuck it in her straw hole!

By this time, dinner was winding down, so I asked for the check.  We got our fortune cookies and Mina asked if we could bring one to Papa so he could have a fortune.  I explained to her that there were only three.  We each opened one and there were two in mine!  I guess Papa gets a fortune after all! 



The kids were super excited about that and kept laughing as they bumped one another.



We headed out with Mina telling me that I was wearing my “fat pants” today.

The food

Well, it’s like they say Sichuan Cuisine.  But they also have a lot of the Americanized Chinese entrees.

I ordered Pan Fried Dumplings and Sweet and Sour Fish.

The Pan Fried Dumplings were prepared very nicely.  Nice and crisp and golden brown.  The kids did not seem to enjoy these as much as the ones we ordered at Umeko, but I liked them.

The Sweet and Sour Fish was quite the disappointment.  It’s breaded white fish fillets with some crazy and too sweet and, in my opinion, not sour enough yellow sauce.  To be fair, Benji said that it was “sar” (sour).   Mina said that it was good and did eat what I gave her, but made sure to tell me she didn’t want anymore after she ate her share.  Jeng Chi’s version is much, much better.


The service

Service was good today.  The servers were attentive and kept our drinks filled.  Food is cooked to order, so we waited a good 10-15 minutes and I’m sure that it seemed longer to me since I did not have any adult convo tonight!


The kids

It’s about as kid friendly as your typical Chinese restaurant.  No kids menus or activities and laid back, casual and the servers seem to think the kids are cute.

Well, it wouldn’t be fair to tell me not try it if you’re looking for Sichuan cuisine, since I ordered Sweet and Sour Fish.  If someone out there actually has tried or tries the Sichuan dishes, let us know…From the kid point of view, there should be some dishes that are palatable and I would feel comfortable bringing the kids along.

The total: $25.95


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

“Fat Pants.”  Mina calls certain slacks that I own my “fat pants” because I had to go out and buy some new jeans and slacks in a larger size.  Seems as though I am not immune from the “Childsplate Effect.”  Don’t be surprised to find less dessert reviews.

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