The experience

When we were driving around the other day, we noticed that Mario’s Chiquita (home of my beloved flan) is no longer there!  Nope, it now bears the name Carolina’s something or another.  Ogre wanted to check this place out.  I warned him that it was probably not open, so I came up with a back up restaurant.  As suspected, it was still closed for renovations, so we headed up to Los Charros in Allen.

As we got the kids out of the car, Mina announced that she had put a flower on Benji’s sunglasses because “he wanted one like mine.”  Awesome. 


We were seated right away.  It was pretty empty.  We ordered drinks and queso straight away.  We looked over the menu and Mina told us she wanted enchiladas -”not with the cut up cheese on top, but the melted cheese.”  I was not impressed with this choice since she has had issues with queso in the past.  Just as I was reminding her of this, our drinks and queso showed up.  (That was lightning quick!).  I made Mina try the queso and sure enough, she didn’t like it.  We decided to order for her. 

Mina just continued on coloring until the food arrived.


Benji, on the other hand, loved the queso.  And, as he usually does, kept shoveling chips into his mouth non-stop.  All this with his sunglasses (and flower) still perched on his face.


The food came out and the kids really liked the quesadillas.  The cheese was super stringy and Mina was “karate chopping” the cheese as she ate it.  We ate without much excitement or disaster.  Benji even managed to stay seated in the booth!

I think it was getting pretty late and the kids needed to get to bed, so we did not order dessert tonight and headed home.  Benji’s first day of daycare is on Monday!


The food

Tex Mex.

DSC_0017We ordered queso to start and thank goodness we did since Mina tried it and did not like it (she wanted to get cheese enchiladas with queso atop it).  It was a little interesting as it had a lot of minced cilantro in it.  I love cilantro, so I didn’t mind it.  Ogre and Benji also liked it.  Overall though, I prefer my queso sans a ton of cilantro.

DSC_0020I ordered the Lobster Enchiladas.  It was really the only thing that looked appealing to me (blame it on the pregnancy).  And it wasn’t that great.  Ogre said it tasted like lobster bisque.  I disagree.  The seafood in it was obviously the frozen kind, but I should have expected that.  It wasn’t horrible, just not that great.

DSC_0022Ogre ordered the Avocado Enchiladas and thought these were excellent.  Sometimes I wonder if he overpraises his meal when he know mine is not so great.  I don’t like avocados though so it may just be me not getting why he’d think avocado enchiladas were so wonderful!

DSC_0021The kids shared a cheese quesadilla and they both seem to like it. We all had rice and beans, which I thought were pretty good.



The service

Service was average, a little slow, but not too bad. 


The kids

They have a kids menu and kids activities; it’s laid back and seems welcoming to families…Ogre would probably say it’s welcoming to just about anybody as the place was pretty empty!

I think there are better choices for Mexican in the area…would be a fine choice if you were shopping at the Allen Outlet Mall and wanted to pop over for a meal.

ST 800
Allen, TX 75013


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