Las Olas: “Beach Snack Bar”

This is where we ate lunch at EVERY DAY.  It is also a buffet.  During off hours, it’s the only place to get food.  They claim to be open from 10am – 6pm.  Of course, when we ate here on Sunday, they didn’t put hot food out until 12pm, so we had to wait nearly an hour to eat lunch since we got to the beach early that day.  Argh.

The food was not terrible here, it was certainly edible.  I ate the chicken, which is freshly grilled every day and rice.  Again, I supplemented my meals with fruit and particularly pineapple.  I have never eaten so much pineapple in my whole life.  Seriously.  The kids typically ate hot dogs or ham sandwiches and fruit..  Ogre exposed himself the most eating sandwiches some days, pasta other days, and even making himself a cole slaw sandwich one day.  The waitstaff is very friendly and helpful and are constantly around cleaning up after you, getting your drinks, whatever you need.  Obviously, the scenery was excellent as we were right on the beach.


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