The experience

IMG00403Today both Ogre and I were home this morning with Benji, I asked Ogre if wanted to get something to eat. Now, when I say that I want something to eat anytime before noon, it usually means I want breakfast.  Options are limited if we’re going to fulfill childsplate requirements, but I thought that a little Home Cookin’ style restaurant in Murphy would work.  It’s called Jeannie’s Family Restaurant…you don’t get much more family friendly than that!

We drove up and saw the guy by the road holding a sign for “Breakfast Buffet.”  Weird, but perfect.  We walk in and found a large restaurant.  The buffet was all covered with lids.  I asked them what they had for breakfast this morning.  “We’re all through with breakfast.  It’s 10:30.”  Yup, it was about 10:32.  Darn.  I guess I’d be having lunch this morning. 

I shifted gears and he showed us what they had on the buffet line.  A pretty good spread and since we got there at 10:32 everything was nice and fresh.  Ogre and I made our picks and headed to the table.  One of the servers offered to get me a high chair and another offered to get some apple juice or orange juice for “the little one.”  Great!


Ogre brought over our plates and got a plate for Benji also and I portioned out some food for him.  I actually was very impressed with the food, which Ogre made fun of me for because I (embarrasingly) made fun of this restuarant more than once).  It’s just that it’s totally a hole in the wall that’s non-descript.  Lesson learned: don’t judge a book by its cover.



Benji was most impressed by the rolls…with butter.  At one point, when I wasn’t paying attention to him, I found him with a fork and some left over butter going TO TOWN.  Geez.  He wanted more but I told him it was all gone. 


After lunch, we picked up some dessert (included in the buffet) and Benji and I split a brownie.  He said, “Ok-let goo” (chocolate good).  Yup, chocolate good.  With that, we headed out.


The food

Home style cookin’.  Plain and simple.

IMG00392IMG00393I picked the BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese, and baked spaghetti.  All of it was good.  The BBQ chicken was tender and juicy and the sauce was mildly sweet.  Made a perfect combination with the macaroni and cheese.  This wasn’t Kraft, but it wasn’t the baked stuff either.  Nice and saucy.  Love it.  I also thought the baked spaghetti was good, it reminds of the processed stuff that you made from a box.  They don’t make this anymore. Anyway, I liked it.

The only additions Ogre made was that he ordered the sausage and the chili and liked those both as well.  He was also complimentary of the food.

My only gripe was that the rolls are served cold.  I don’t get that and I don’t like it.

IMG00401Desserts were also good.  Brownies were fudgy and moist and Ogre said that the blueberry pie was good, but would’ve been better with a scoop of Blue Bell (what isn’t better with a scoop of Blue Bell??!). 

The other choices today were Chicken Tetrazini and host of other sides like peas, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and on  and on.


The service

It’s buffet service and you get your drinks, but the servers here are extremely helpful and nice.

The kids

Yes, it’s kid friendly.  It’s a little cheaper for the kids (aged 4-10) buffet, I assume anyone younger is gratis.  The food is very palatable for the kids (and me).  It’s casual and laid back.  They have a train and track overhead, but it wasn’t running today.  I don’t think anyone here is going to mind kids in the restaurant, in fact, they seem pretty welcoming!

I’d recommend this for those who are craving some good ol’ home cookin’ and you don’t want to make it yourself!

The total: ~$15.00 (nice price for all you can eat including dessert)

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