The experience

Mina started hula lessons today, so it was just me and her.  We ended up having to stop off at the hospital for an admission after her dance lesson, so I decided we’d eat in Rowlett so it wouldn’t be too late when we were eating dinner.  Just a few weeks ago, I ate at J. Miguel’s and found it to be pretty good and reasonably priced.  There’s also an Italian restaurant that I’ve never eaten at, so I gave Mina the choice of Italian or Mexican.  She chose Mexican.  So we headed over to J. Miguel’s.

We were seated right away and Mina said that she wanted to sit next to me at dinner.  No problem.  Our waitress handed her a coloring page with the kids menu and some activities on it.  As she walked away, Mina noticed that there were no crayons.  I told her we’d ask for some and in the mean time, found a pen for her to use.


When our waitress returned to take our order, I tried to order while Mina kept whispering in my ear, “Crayons!!”  I asked about the crayons and we were told that they didn’t have any.  Mina was a little sad, but I found a yellow highlighter for her to use.  It was the best I could do.

She was pretty happy to draw on the back of her paper with the pen and highlighter.

Our food came out pretty quickly, but they messed up part of my order, so I had to wait on my enchilada.  Mina also wanted a plate (hers came in a basket) and we requested that.  I was still able to munch on my chalupa.  We decided that she forgot about Mina’s plate and had to ask again.  It came out about the same time as my enchilada.

I cut up Mina’s chicken and then we started in on the rest of dinner.  I found myself eating more of Mina’s dinner than mine!  Luckily, she didn’t mind sharing!

We finished up dinner and headed back home to our boys.

The food


IMG00685I ordered one chalupa with queso and one enchilada with verde sauce.  The chalupa was fine, nothing earth shattering and the chip was a little to dense for me.  The enchilada with verde sauce was not good at all!  The verde sauce was not tangy at all and I could not even taste any tomatillo in it!  IMG00686I took one bite of that and could not stomach another!



IMG00684Mina ordered the chicken fingers and fries.  Those were actually pretty tasty.  Thank goodness the portion was pretty big (three big filets) as I ate some of hers to supplement the “lost” enchilada!


The service

Average overall.  She forgot a requested plate for Mina, but otherwise was fine.  Food comes out quickly (but initially wrong).


The kids

It’s kid friendly as it’s laid back and casual dining.  Has a kids menu and kids activities, but they were out of crayons (which is a pet peeve of mine!).  I think it’s more torturous to give a kid a blank coloring page with no crayons!!

I liked this restaurant a lot more when I came here for lunch a few weeks ago.  I ordered something completely different that time, but the jury is still out for me.  I think I’ll have to try it a few more times before I decide if I really like it or not.  Based on this experience, it was only so-so.

The total: 12 bucks or so

9824 Lakeview Pkwy
Rowlett, TX 75088-4549


(972) 475-6141




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