The experience

DSC_0108Today I got home after rounding to find Ogre and Benji at home so we thought it’d be a good day to go out to eat for lunch so we’d have a freebie for dinner.  I tried to google “kid friendly lunch” in Plano and Dallas and didn’t find anything informative except this website, and well, I’ve already been to all those places and can’t go again!  Ogre remembered a place in Richardson he’s been wanting to try since he heard it moved there from Addison, so we all packed up and headed to Cafe Max.

It’s like a cafeteria.  You line up, you tell ‘em what you want and you move on.  I chose three different salads, as did Ogre.  I purposefully chose the Frui Salad to share with Benji.

We got up to the cashier and I walked off to find a table with Benji.  Just as I was settling him in, Ogre called me over to see if I’d brought by check book.  No credit cards (except American Express).  Doh!  And I couldn’t find my check book.  Ogre had to go next door to use the ATM machine.

The cashier lady was nice enough (or perhaps she just wanted our stuff out of the way) to let me take our food back to the table.

While we waited, Benji was already picking a muffin for himself and asking me to “open it” (peel down the muffin liner).  He dug right in and told me it was “tasty.”  My little food critic.

Ogre got back and we started eating.  I mentioned the fact that there was a lot of salad.  Ogre said, “Yeah, but they have sandwiches, too.”  I about spit out my food.  What??!!  I TOTALLY missed the other blackboard with all the sandwiches on it.  I would have much rather had that than 3 cups of Seafood Salad.  Arghh.

I trudged on through my salad and Benji trudged on through a second muffin.


Ogre gave me one, which I knew to set aside and sure enough, Benji made his way towards my muffin and was slyly touching it.  I let him have it and he excitedly crawled up with Papa and ate it up.



By this time, Ogre and I had our fill of salad, but every time I asked Benji if he was done, he succinctly reply, “no” and continue on with his munching.

After a good 10 minutes, we convinced that we should leave, but he made sure to negotiate “bring dis” and put his muffin in a to go container.

We finally headed home our bellies full of salad and muffins.


The food

Salads and sandwiches and a couple of soups.  That’s it. Oh, and a roll or a muffin for all.

I ordered the Seafood Salad, Caesar Salad and Fruit Salad.  I thought they all tasted fine but nothing blew my mind.  It was all very predictable.  How you’d imagine Seafood Salad to taste is how it tasted.  Same for the Caesar Salad and Fruit Salad.



Ogre had the Caesar Salad, the Cucumber Salad, and the Chicken Salad.  He was quite of proud of his selections saying that the combination of flavors of the three together was perfection.  A little over the top don’t you think. It’s SALAD.



Benji had our muffins, ALL of our muffins.  I think they must’ve have been very tasty since we even had to “bring dis” when we left.


The service

Counter service.  The people behind the counter did not smile very much.

The kids

Unless you’re kid is in to salads, I’m going to call this one not so kid friendly.  If you bring them a snack though and supplement off your plate, it might work out well.  The place is definitely laid back though, so it’s otherwise just fine if your toting the kids a long.

I think it’s a fine place for lunch.  Wish I’d known about the sandwiches option though!  If you don’t carry American Express, you’ll need to have cash or your ATM card.  There’s an ATM machine next door.

The total: 19.94

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