The experience

Masala WokToday we spent all day at home, which is very unusual for us.  Of course, we HAVE to go out to eat at least once, so off we went to dinner.  I had no idea where we were going.  Ogre and Mina apparently had discussed this and Mina had chosen, but when I asked her, she told me she couldn’t remember.  I threatened to go to a restaurant that only serves veggies, then, and she started to cry.  Whoops, not so funny, I guess.  Ogre was being as much of terd to me as I was being to Mina and wouldn’t tell me where we were going.  I had some idea as we drove through the UTD campus.  Masala Wok.  And I was right.

It’s counter service, so the kids and I found a table along the wall where there is a booth on one side and chairs on the other.  The three of us sat on the bench while Ogre ordered our food.  On the way in, Benji must’ve seen the other patrons eating rice because he started impatiently yelling, “RYE! RYE!” (rice! rice!).  I tired to distract him but was pretty unsuccessful.  Mina, thankfully, had busied herself with some big thick activity book she brought with her. Before we even left, she made sure that I was bringing my purse so she’d have a pen to write with.  Good thing, too, since they don’t have crayons or anything for the kids.

Mina studying


Ogre returned with our drinks.  So did one of the waitstaff.  Ogre was honest and brought the two bottled juices back up to the counter.  Those were for me and Benji.  Ogre had poured Benji’s drink into a to go cup already and had mine in his hand.  Benji started gulping it down, apparently he loves lychee flavored drinks!  Mommy does, too.  Mina was in trouble from earlier today when she mouthed the guava juice container at home (and she is sick), so she was not allowed to have juice at dinner

Lychee Juice


Ogre also brought over our “number” and the presence of this was enough to distract Benji from screaming about his need for rice.  We didn’t have to wait too long for our food to show up.  Benji was very adamant that I serve him some rice, which I did, but warned him that it was hot.  Luckily, his understanding of this has improved by leaps and bounds.  I gave him some nan to munch on while the rice cooled.

Benji playing


Mina leaned over and said to me, “Mommy, all the people in here are…Indian.” I replied, “Yes, probably.”  She said, “We’re the only ones that are…American.”  I corrected her and said that they might be American also. So then we had to explain nationality to her.  Great topic for dinner with a five year old.  We were saved by the fact that Mina thought I was crowding her and told me to scoot over.  Impossible since I was right next to Benji.  I asked her if she’d like to move to the chair across the way and she was glad to do that. 

As I got her settled into her new seat, I looked over to see that Benji had taken my fork and was eating the sauce from my Lamb Curry.  He went for another scoop.  He like it!  I would have never thought it!  I scooped up more rice for him and mixed it with some of the sauce, he nodded his head and said, “Goo.” (Good).

Benji stealing Mommy's food


Mina was being pretty quiet over in her corner of the table.  I even took a picture of her and she didn’t smile until I asked her to.  Hmmm, not quite sure why she was so quiet at dinner tonight.  Perhaps she continued to pontificate about nationality and ethnicity??

Smiling Mina


Ogre decided that he needed more nan to finish his meal and ordered more.  When it came out, I asked him why he got TWO orders of nan.  We don’t need this much nan.  He informed me that he wanted to try the Roti bread.  I raised an eyebrow.  He further explained that “normally” the Roti bread is a thinner buttery bread.  This stuff looked like nan.  He agreed.  He told me he actually got it for me because he thought I’d like it (as a thinner buttery bread).  I noticed that after he ate some he did not ask me to try it.  I think he knew that it wouldn’t be anything special for me. 

Benji was pretty pumped about his meal tonight.  Too bad Bismati rice isn’t very sticky.  He had a hard time getting the rice from the plate to his mouth without spilling a bunch of it.  Too bad for the clean up crew.  I did my best to tidy up, but I know that my best was not good enough.  I knew it was time to go when Benji started to take his straw out of his cup and blow it out of his mouth. 

Benji being bad


Ogre calls this his “Damien look.”  He was actually very seriously telling Papa that his rice and lamb curry sauce was “goo” (good).

The Damien Look


Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?



Benjamin indicated that he was done by picking up his plate and handing it to Papa.  We left after Mina went to the restroom.

No More



The food

This is a less fast than fast food Indian restaurant in the same genre of Roti Grill and Chaat Cafe. The kicker is though, that they taught themselves as sort of Indian with a twist -”a Chinese twist.” (That’s a direct quote from their website).  I don’t know about all that Indian-Chinese fusion.  We stick to the traditionally Indian dishes…well, all of us except Mina, but what she ate isn’t Indian-Chinese, it’s Indian-Mexican!

Lamb CurryI ordered the Lamb Curry.  I always do and I don’t know why because I never love it.  I always just muddle through it.  It’s not awful, but it’s certainly not a superstar.  Most of the time, like this time, I grumble that it’s too salty.  It’s also too tomato-y for me when I’m wanting a curry dish.  Not enough curry flavor, in my opinion.  The lamb is hit or miss, sometimes it’s tender and sometimes it’s not -and I’m talking within the same dish.  Benji liked it.


Chicken Tikka MasalaOgre ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala.  I know I heard him tell me it was good.  In fact, he told me that it was better than usual as it can be inconsistent here.  It’s very saucy and, at times, has a good spicy flavor to it -I gather that’s what he means by inconsistent.  He also mentioned that he feels like they skimp on the nan compared to other places (hence, the second -or even third) order of nan!


Masala QuesadillasMina ordered the Masala Quesadillas.  It’s basically a quesadilla that uses nan instead of tortilla as the “breading.”  It was actually very tasty.  This is a great way to make a quesadilla!

Their kids menu has chicken nuggets, masala quesadillas, or a noodle dish for 3.75.  For 50 cents more, you can get a drink.


The service

Counter service.  Nuff said.


The kids

As far as kid friendly restaurants go, this one is average.  The dining is casual, I feel comfortable eating with my kids here, they have a decent kids menu with an easy choice like chicken nuggets for the less adventuresome child.  They don’t have crayons, but I wouldn’t expect that in a place like this -and neither does Mina.  So bring your own entertainment!

This is the third of this type of Indian restaurant that we have been to and it is my least favorite.  I still give rave reviews to Chaat Cafe and Roti Grill isn’t bad either.

The total: $ 27.32 + 3.57 (more nan and roti bread)

What did Guidelive say?

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