The experience

Wild About Harry'sI have been wanting to go to Crate and Barrel to buy my friends’ wedding present and we had to go today since tomorrow is Halloween and the wedding is Saturday (way to go, procrastination!).  Our choices down there were either Wild About Harry’s orMomo’s.  We love Momo’s, but we thought the kids would love Wild About Harry’s more, so we sacrificed a great meal for a great time with the kids.

We walked in and there’s a big menu overhead.  Don’t miss the kids menu like we did, it’s kid level on the ground to the right.  Once that was pointed out to us, we could make a complete Phipps dinner decision.  We gave our order to the guy behind the counter and I took Mina and Benji into the ajoining room to let Mina decide on a table.  More exciting to her was the presence of a little chalkboard and child size seats.  She and Benjamin immediately rushed that and busied themselves.  I got our drinks and Ogre headed back to the car to get Benji’s seat and the camera. 

Mina and Benji playing with the chalk


The kids basically played there until the food came.  That’s when Benji looked up and decided that hanging out with me would be better access to the food.  Of course, this made it difficult for me to get the condiments as it’s one of those big containers like at the State Fair where you pump out your mustard and ketchup into little plastic cups.  I was able to set him back down long enough to get a few ketchups before Ogre returned with his seat so we could strap him down. 


The proper way to server hot dogs to a childTeam Phipps gathered at the table, which is one of those tall ones that always seem to delight the kids and worry me because they’re on the seemingly unsteady barstools and high up.  Mina poured her own ketchup onto her hot dog, which she was very proud of and I cut up Benji’s corn dog.  We all ate and discussed the Dallas Cowboy Cheereleaders picture hanging on the wall.  Benji thought they were very interesting.  I think Ogre did, too.  In fact, I misunderstood when he said he wanted another one.  He was actually talking about his hot dog!  He always wins the race of who’s going to finish their food first while the rest of us eat at a normal human being’s pace.   He opted not to get one since he was only craving it and was not actually hungry.

Mina prepares her hot dog


Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep my hot dog together since all the toppings are falling off with each bite and my hotdog is sliding out of its bun with every bite.  I finally figured out if I put a finger on the other end and held it in place, it would be a lot less messy.  Jeez.  Mina was happily cruising through her hot dog and only had one bite left.  For some reason, she said she didn’t want the last bite.  Are you kidding me??  For once, you are one bite away from actually eating all of your portioned dinner and you don’t want the last bite??  Makes me crazy.  We bribed with her ice cream and she gave in.  She actually ate all of her dinner!

Benji was also cruising through his corn dog.  I’d only given him half.  Ogre had to give him the other half and he ate all of the hot dog and most of the cornbreading. 

Once we were all almost done, Ogre went to grab some custard.  I told him to not get one for Benji since he could share and Mina did not want custard no matter how hard we tried to sell it.  No, no, Mina isn’t sick and she isn’t temporarily out of her ice-cream obsessed mind, she just wanted a Dreamsicle, which we have at home.  Even telling her that they have Dreamsicle flavored custard did not avail.  She said, “I haven’t had a dreamsicle in a hundred years!”  So, instead, she went back over to the blackboard to play some more and draw with the markers she brought with her. 

Artwork By Mina


Ogre brought the huge frozen custard sundaes over.  I shared with Benji.  While Ogre was gone, we had been singing “Mo Mo YAH!” and when I had the custard in between us, he really sang “MO MO YAH!” with impetus and feeling, which would almost turn to anger if I’m “ignoring” him when trying to exchange a few words with his Papa.   I love that boy!

Mo Mo Yah

mo mo YAH!


Ogre started to feel ill, then I did, then even Benji shook his head and said “no mo.”  Ugh…too…much…custard!!

We rolled ourselves out of there and stopped to take a few pics with the big Hot Dog out front before heading home.

Team Phipps and Harry Hot Dog

Doesn't the hot dog look slightly evil??

The food

Hot Dogs and Custards.  Amazingly, Hot Dog joints are not that easy to find in Dallas.  There was this one place that had a very short lifespan on Greenville that we thought was very good.  In fact, I think Ogre tried to go there for Childsplate and that’s when he realized it was closed.  But, I digress.  Overall, I’d say average. 


Harry's Hot Dogs


I ordered the Dallas.  I don’t like a lot of “stuff” on my Dog.  Mainly because I don’t like messy food and it all ends up falling off.  Typically, I only want ketchup on it, but when I’m getting one at Hot Dog joint, I at least get relish and here I also got cheese and onions.  It was good, but not outstandingly so.  And, as I anticipated, most of the toppings ended up back in my paper boat.

Ogre ordered the Chicago Dog.  He thought it was “a hot dog.”  Okay.  It wasn’t the best he had, but he did remark that he would’ve liked to have had another one.  It came with tomatoes, relish, sport peppers, a pickle, celery salt, and mustard.  Sounds like a giant mess to me!

For the kids, we got a corn dog for Benji who loved it.  He ate the whole hot dog and most of the cornbread!    We got a regular hot dog with just ketchup for Mina.  I was a little jealous.  She also loved it.  I could hear “Hallelujah!” playing in my head when she actually finished her entire dinner for once!

The frozen custard was good and the portion was huge.  Custard was nice and creamy.  I’ll be honest though, after getting most of the way through the custard, I started to feel a little ill (not ill like I got food poisoning, ill like ugh!  I ate way too much, what have I done??). 

What kid doesn’t like hot dogs??  We ordered a la carte for the kids and each was 1.99.  For the kids meals, it’s 4.99 and it comes with fries, a drink, and a custard.  Options are a hot dog or a corn dog.


The service

Counter service.  They get your order, you get your food, you get your drinks, you get your plasticware, you get your condiments, you get rid of your trash.


The kids

Again, what kid doesn’t like hot dogs…or custard??  Well, Mina would apparently rather eat a dreamsicle despite the fact that they have dreamsicle flavored custard!  If you’re going to be in the Knox Henderson area and are looking for an easy, quick meal with a fun dessert, I’ve got the place for ya!  But, you better like hot dogs, cause that’s the main deal here.  And then treat you and the kids to a little custard!

The total: about 30 bucks, Ogre lost the receipt. (about 19 bucks for the food and 10 for the custard)

What did Guidelive say?


Rants, Raves and Ramblings

I love Crate and Barrel, we registered there when we got married, most of our glassware is from there.  Love it.  Today, I think I pissed off one of the customer service ladies. 

So, I grabbed the registry list and the first thing that happens is that she tell me that don’t have the two items I wanted to get them.  Fair enough, I ask about something else and she says, “Oh, they have that already.”  I hadn’t noticed the “HAS” column. 

So, I start to look at it some more and she takes the list from me and says, “Let me see that.”  Uh, okay. 

She starts telling me that they have plates and such that I could buy.  I say, and I didn’t mean to be rude or anything, I was just being honest, “Nah, that sounds boring.”  And I tried to take my list back, but she kinda held onto it.  She replied, “But it’s available.”  I said, “That doesn’t mean I’m going to buy it…just cause it’s available, I want to like the gift I’m buying.”  She handed me the list and walked off without a word. 

It was so absurd that I just had to chuckle to myself when I realized what had happened.  

I’m going to Williams-Sanoma tomorrow. 

Mina and Harry Hot Dog

She's pretty gosh darn cute!

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