The experience

DSC_0002Today, I decided I was in the mood for pizza.  It’s getting harder and harder to find a pizza joint we haven’t hit yet.  Ogre must have spent an hour searching on line for somewhere relatively close for us to eat at.  It was between this and another place that boasted “St. Louis style” pizza, we decided we’d opt for the more traditional and known to us, “New York style” pizza and ended up driving to Angelo’s and Vito’s Pizzeria.

We walked in and it’s counter service,  I let Ogre handle that and followed Benji to the back of the restaurant where, like a magnet, he was drawn to all the video games.  I let him sit at the car racing game and told him he could play with Papa when Papa was done ordering. 



As soon as Ogre was ready, I gave them some quarters to play.  They played while Mina sat down to color with the pens and coloring books she brought with her.


Dusty was with us tonight and since he just ordered 2 slices of pizza, he had his food pretty quickly.  Ogre and Benji finished their games and came back to sit down.  I told Ogre that Benji would need a high chair to avoid a disaster.

Our antipasto salad came out with the pepperoni rolls first, which was good so that the kids had something to munch on.  Soon after, the kids penne pasta also came out, so the kids were set.  Dusty also shared his pizza with Benji after he realized two slices was one too many.

Our pizza came out and we dug in.  Of course, it took awhile for this pizza to come out since they cook to order and the kids were starting to get antsy.  Benji wanted to “go play car,” which we told him he couldn’t do.  He wasn’t pleased.


Mina tried to distract him with pasta fingers, which worked for about 2 minutes.  Dusty tried to entertain him as well.  We were able to get him to chill out long enough for Ogre to finish dinner


Ogre decided that he wanted dessert and asked me if I wanted a cannoli or cheesecake, to which I replied neither, and Benji replied (unsolicited), “I WANT PLAY CAR!” Ogre took him with him to order the dessert and when they returned with the dessert, Ogre, Mina and Benji were quite content and quiet as they ate their cannolis.


The food

New York style pizza.  They also have pasta and sandwiches.

DSC_0007We ordered the Antipasto salad, which reads better than it tastes, but overall pretty good.  They roll the mozarella, salami and pepperoni into a pinwheel and top that on lettuce with some pepperocinis and olives.  They say on the menu that there is also proscuitto, but I did not see or taste any.  It’s served with a side of Italian dresssing, that was good (but not homemade).

DSC_0008Ogre and the kids also got Pepperoni Rolls, Mina liked these a lot.  I did not try them. Ogre said they were pretty good and tasted fresh.  The “rolls” were soft and doughy.


We ordered the Italiano Pizza and we both liked it.  The crust was soft, yet crisp and had a good flavor.  The pizza toppings tasted fresh and were not too heavy or wet to make the crust soggy.  The Italiano has pepperoni, sausage, scallions, tomatos and roasted red peppers.

Dusty ordered two slices of cheese pizza and remarked that it definitely reminded him of pizza in New York, which is quite the compliment from him.

DSC_0006No surprise, the kids ordered penne pasta with marinara sauce.  I’m sure it was fine.



I forgot to take a picture of the cannoli that Ogre fell for the minute we walked in the restaurant.  It was a large cannoli that was covered in white and chocolate chips.  Ogre said that it was very good and tasted smooth and creamy.


The service

Counter service.  I must mention that I’m not too impressed that when Ogre asked the waitress who dropped off the pizza if he could have some red pepper flakes, she just pointed to the shelf two feet away from her and walked off. 


The kids

They have a kids menu, no kids activities that they give out, but they have a mini-arcade in the back, so I’m going to call this kid friendly.  The restaurant is casual and laid back, as well.

I thought it was above average for quick and easy pizza, but it’s not my favorite.

The total: 27.98

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