The experience

This is going to be abbreviated because I wrote the whole post and half of it vanished when I hit save draft!  That is so annoying and it’s not the first time!  Anyway, when I went over to my Mom’s house to pick up Benji, he had not napped yet, so being the mean Mommy that I am, I made him nap and once he’s out, he usually naps for two hours, so I decided that I’d take Mina, go back and get Ogre and then go eat somewhere relatively close by.  We ended up at Maharaja for dinner.

We were seated right away and we perused the menu while Mina told us about her day.  We ordered dinner and Ogre and I discussed some political stuff (his favorite topic).  Mina acually ate very well at dinner…that’s probably why Ogre and I were able to have a pretty lengthy conversation!


She did not like her mango lassi.  I LOVED mine and had two glasses.  Had Mina not been sick, I probably would have had a third!

Since Mina ate well and behaved at dinner, Ogre decided that a trip to the Old Town Creamery was in order after dinner.  I did not have ice cream.  Despite stopping to get dessert and eat it there, when we arrived at Lala’s  to get Benji, he was STILL asleep!


The food

Indian food.  I’m not sure from which region.  They have all the standards you’d see at most Indian restaurants.

I have to mention that the naan is excellent here.  Probably the best I’ve ever had.  Great flavor and nice and fluffy!



DSC_0003I ordered the Lamb Korma dish, which is lamb with an almond cream sauce.  It’s more sweet than spicy or savory, but not sickly sweet.  Their Korma sauce actually did have more kick to it than I’m used to.  The lamb was not as tender as I prefer, but certainly edible.  I’d say it was average overall.

DSC_0004Ogre ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, which our server said is one of their specialties.  Ogre really liked this dish and was very complimentary of it.  He asked for his to be super spicy, so I did not try it. 


DSC_0001Mina had the child’s plate.  You can order any chicken entree and it comes with rice, naan, lassi, and dessert!  Now, that’s a good deal!  Mina liked it, even with the slight heat this entree packed!



The service

A collaborative effort that made our dinner pretty easy going.  Someone was always on hand and the drinks stay filled.  Food comes out in a timely manner.


The kids

They have a kids menu, but no kids activities.  The kids menu has some kid palatable dishes and they get a ton of food.  The restaurant is nice, but not uncomfortable.

We enjoyed this meal, but I think when all is said and done, we will likely still hit our old haunts for Indian food!

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