The experience

Today was family sickness day.  We stayed home all day today due to Mina’s being sick beginning at Loverhorns aka Love and War In Texas and continuing at Cafe Brazil.  We didn’t want another repeat so the plan was one of us would take Benji to eat while the other stayed home with Mina so we’d be following all the rules.  About 4:30, I put Benji down for a nap.  I figured I would take him to eat once he woke up.  Hours past.  Usually, he gets in maybe 2 hours.  It had been 4.  We decided he wouldn’t be waking up this evening.  He must not be feeling well.  So, I asked Mina if she felt OK and wanted to go eat with me.  Wasn’t so sure about dragging her out to eat but she was able to keep down her lunch.  Grace suggested Mogio’s Gourmet Pizza, which is right down the street. Mina said she wanted pasta so it sounded like a plan.  Dusty opted to go along.  I would bring mommy home some pizza.

Mogio's Gourment Pizza

We pulled in a went up to the counter to order.  Dusty went for the Margarita Pizza.  Mina wanted Ziti and I got the King Pizza.  I ordered Grace’s and asked the delay making it a bit.  She went for the Rustica (no bacon; she seems to only like bacon from The Original Pancake House).  Mina hadn’t eaten all day so I threw in some Cheese Sticks as well.  Mina had gone to find a table and sit down with her teddy since she still wasn’t 100%.  I filled our drinks and found her with her head laying on the table.  Poor Mina.

Sick Mina

We sat down and chatted while waiting on our order.  Mina wasn’t talking all that much, which is not normal.  It was late Sunday evening so there was only one couple eating.  That made for some quick pizza service.  It all came out very quickly.  I transferred some ziti to another bowl in case Benji decided to wake up.  Mina wanted a cheese stick too so I was hoping her tummy was feeling better.  She also began to sing, “I’m wearing my pajamas.” with a big smile.  We didn’t take the time to change her out her princess nightgown seeing as she’d be going to bed after dinner. None of this was well planned.  But the blog must carry on.

Mina singing about being in pajamas at dinner

Mina happy about wearing pajamas to dinner

Mina was eating OK, but Dusty and I were mowing through our pizza in case Mina began to take a turn for the worse.  I was just finishing up when Mina said her throat hurt and wanted to come sit in my lap.  Not a good sign.  Luckily, you pay when you order, so Dusty grabbed mommy’s pizza and we were out the door.  I was just about to pull away when Dusty noticed Mina had left her favorite teddy in the restaurant.  She was feeling so bad she forgot.  That would not have been good.  So Dusty ran in and grabbed it.  Mina smiled.

Dusty saving teddy

Dusty to the rescue!

The food

Margarita PizzaKids zitiCheese SticksThe pizza here is pretty tasty.  Their small pizza is pretty much individual size and come on a thin, slightly crisp crust.  It has a tasty herb topping on it.  The even have a few choices with a light marinara for the health conscious.  The also have stromboli, calzones, salads, and pasta on the menu.  The cheese sticks were quite good.  Not too greasy.  They’re no Jim Stix, but still glad I got them.  The even have a pizza with cashews.  They swear its excellent but I haven’t been brave enough to try.  They have some good specials and its a good value.

The service

This is a walk up counter and self-serve beverage place.  They’ll bring out your order and even bring you some extra bowls, plates and utensils in case you forgot to grab them.  They’re helpful in ordering at the counter and very friendly overall.

The kids

They don’t have stuff for the kids to play with but they do have a decent kids menu with pizza, spaghetti, ziti, fettucini alfredo or chicken tenders.  Service is fast and its food most kids will enjoy.  We’ve been there several times without issue.  Its a casual neighborhood pizzeria where lots of families bring their kids so you’ll be comfortable dining with them even if they are a bit unruly.

The rest

As of this writing Benjamin’s nap is going on 6 hours.  Definitely not waking up this evening, but I’m sure he’ll wake up at the crack of dawn.  Since Mina is staying from school, maybe we’ll do breakfast for the blog tomorrow.  Here’s the pizza Grace got delivered:

Rustica Pizza

Total Cost: $29.28

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