The experience

Grace was working late again this morning, so she advised I take the kids to breakfast if we were to do anything today.  So, one I got the kids ready we headed out with no place in mind.  I’m not really a breakfast fan so my knowledge of breakfast restaurants is limited.  Mina wanted The Original Pancake House, and personally so did I, but that was against the rules.  This almost brought her to tears so I told her I could find her pancakes elsewhere.  I headed down 75 with a plan to loop back to The Dream Cafe if I failed to find anything.  Shortly I spotted Palominas side that said they served breakfast on the weekends. So I pulled off and took a U and we headed inside.  Mina was wary but I pointed out the fact that her name was in the name of the restaurant.  Now she was excited.


Turns out you had to wait in line and pay before you get seated for the buffet.  Benji was squirming to get down.  I managed to hold on until it was nearly our turn at the buffet before Benji squirmed away.  He immediately jogged in past the line and I had to run grab him while Mina held our place in line.  I think he wanted to check out the Christmas tree.


I have no idea what this place was originally.  I think it was a Herrera’s for some time but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what was here first.  Whatever it was this place was HUGE!  There was a decent crowd and they didn’t even take up much of  the restaurant at all. We took a quick picture by the Palomina in the foyer before heading into the buffet.


Again, this was HUGE! There were 5 giant islands of food and a grill area.  I grabbed a plate with my free hand.  I had Benji on the other arm.  We wandered the buffet with my arm getting weaker by the minute.  Mina wanted to try everything.  I had to turn her away from a few of her choice but I let her choose some casserole that looked pretty tasty.  We moved to the grill section and filled up on pancakes and that was about all my arm and the plate could handle.  I took the kids back to the table and set them up with what we had gotten that round.  Then I went for drinks. At first it appeared there was only sodas so I got Mina Sprite and Benji water.  Then I went to get some food of my own.  On my visit I noticed the juice at the bakery station so I grabbed one apple for Benji and one orange for Mina.  When I got back, Mina said she wanted Milk.  Back to the Buffet.  Sheesh.  Finally, after one more trip for some coffee for me, I sat down to eat.  I gave Mina her casserole she choose without trying it first.  Turns out it was flaming hot.  Good thing she had 3 drinks.


Benji, meanwhile was already done eating before I took a bite.  Great.  I was treating to whining, screaming and down for the rest of breakfast.  I got a brief break when he thought it was cool that he got to drink out of a full size cup with no straw.


That only lasted a minute and then it was back to screaming.  I saw some cinnamon rolls up there so I went to grab a donut to make him quiet so I could eat something.  Of course he screamed even louder when I left the table and I could hear him across the restaurant.


That was useful for about another minute and then he was done with that.  Amazingly, this fiasco had taken so long that I had eaten 2 or 3 bites and Mina was already finished too.  This was getting ridiculous. Luckily, Mina was able to entertain Benji with the “Is Benji Sleeping?” routine while I finished ONE taco.  I attempted to get a refill on coffee but it was too late.


I’d had enough of this fiasco and I scooped up the kids so at least the other patrons could eat.

The food

DSC_0004DSC_0003The food was average here though we didn’t try everything.  They offer a crazy selection of food.  Its like you’re in Las Vegas.  And right before we left they added piles of grilled whole hams, slabs after slab of ribs and pounds of barbacoa.  The offer a grill section where they cook you omelets to order and grill up tortillas.  I am sure they offer quite a few other things at this station for lunch and dinner.  They also have a bakery station where they offered cereals and breads as well as rice and bread pudding.

DSC_0002There is a dessert island, a salad island, and 3 hot food islands.  There is no way you can try everything. The American breakfast items were average.  We had pancakes, bacon, sausage, pigs in a blanket, and a couple cinnamon rolls.  We also tried some of the Mexican dishes.  The green enchiladas were pretty good, though quite spicy.  The barbacoa was probably the stand out of our visit.  I’m betting their lunch and dinner Mexican fare is better.  Brunch and breakfast is only available on the weekends.

The service

Its a buffet but the lady in charge of our area offered to help me in getting odds and ends for the kids rather than having to get up and walk across the restaurant every time.

The kids

I’d say this is below average for kid friendly restaurant, especially if you are solo with the kids.  True, there is a wide selection but it’s hard to juggle everything with kids at a buffet.  Also, there are clearly no activities supplied and there isn’t really food geared to the kids.  3 and under do eat free though.

Total Cost: $18.06

The rest

So this fiasco and a lack of food was probably the cause of my terrible headache.  So when Grace arrived, the plans were out the window.  Seemed that she was able to catch up on some work though.  After a bit of rest, I was able to get Mina and Benji out to do some shopping for Mommy.  That didn’t last long either.  As soon as Benji saw the beds in the department store, he wanted to lay down and kept asking to go “Ho, nigh, nigh goo” or “Home, night, night good”.  Oh well, at least we got one present.

By the way, anyone know what this building was originally?

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