The experience

DSC_0229Today we went to Parent-Teacher Conference at Mina’s school and found that Mina did very well excelling in all of her subjects.  We though we would treat her to pizza, which we know is a favorite of hers.  I called my dad’s house to see if Benji was awake and I assumed that he wasn’t when they didn’t answer so we headed to dinner without him.  After looking around for a suitable pizza joint, I found a Chicago Style Pizza place called Rosati’s Authentic Chicago Pizza.  I knew Ogre would be stoked about this and he was, so we  picked up Mina from school and headed out to dinner.

The restaurant is very small with just a few tables.  I asked Mina to pick a table and she did so we sat down to look over the menu.  Once we decided, Ogre went up to the counter to order.  I asked Mina to pick a drink from the refrigerator and she initially said “I don’t know.”  I knew that she wanted Fanta as it was staring her in the face and she’s normally not allowed to have it.  I told her that if she didn’t choose, I was going to choose for her and I would choose water.  She chose Fanta.



DSC_0230As Ogre paid the bill, I thought his eyeballs might fall out of his head.  When he sat down he showed me the receipt.  Almost 50 bucks for pizza!  Thank goodness there was a 10% off coupon attached the menu.  Jeez.





It did not take long for our antipasto salad to come out.  Mina tried a piece of salami, which she loved in the Dominican Republic, and decided that she doesn’t like salami.  Ooookay. She also decided she didn’t want to sit at our table anymore and wanted to sit against the wall on the bar-height chairs. That was fine with us so we picked up and moved.

After we got settled in and explained to Mina why she couldn’t sit in the middle (Ogre and I were sharing the antipasto salad) we ate while Mina apparently was gulping down her Fanta.

She told me that she was almost out of Fanta.  I told her that she should save some to drink with dinner.  I have to tell you that it annoys me to no end when people don’t ration a finite amount of beverage because I always do and then I get asked to share, which of course disrupts my rationing plans!  I say this because the main culprit of such behavior is Ogre.  He just laughed at the whole thing.  I was then told by Mina that God was going to punish me for not sharing.  Awesome.


Our pizza came before any further theological discussion could be had.  We ate up and I shared one of my two containers of ranch with Mina, who ironically then did not want to share “her” Ranch with Papa.  I told her it was my ranch and she should share.  And yes, I did end up sharing my water with Mina, who did not have enough to drink in the end.



The food

They definitely have the pizzas, but they also have sandwiches, calzones, pastas, and salads.

We started with the “small” antipasto salad.  It was huge.  Ogre and I could not finish it and not because we didn’t want to.  It was very good.  It came with three meats, cheese, salad, olives and a balsamic and olive oil dressing. 


We ordered two “small” pizzas.  Again, I say small because they were very large for a small!  We ordered a custom Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza with sausage, olives, pepperocinis, and mushrooms.  It was excellent.  The crust was very well prepared.  It was crisp, but not hard and had great flavor.  Not a bit of sogginess and all of the ingredients tasted great!  Ogre thought this was one of the better Chicago Style pizzas he’s had!


For Mina, we ordered a small Hawaiian Luau (Canadian Bacon and pineapples) -we ordered the thin crust on this one.  Again, it was a very good pizza.  The Canadian Bacon was sliced a little thicker than I prefer, but overall had good flavor.



The service

Counter service.  I suspect the bulk of their business is delivery as they only had 4 tables and bar stools along one wall.  The place got packed as we finished dinner and there was standing room only until we left!  The waitstaff did check on us while we were dining to make sure everything was going okay.

The kids

Well, it’s a pizza joint.  They don’t have any kids’ activities and no kids menu.  It totally hurt the pocket book to order Mina her own pizza!

Ogre and I thought that the Chicago Style pizza was excellent, if that’s what your looking for.  But those prices are hard to swallow!

The total: 43 bucks WITH 10% off!

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