The experience

DSC01206It was another night of “What do you want to do for dinner?” …”I dunno. What do you wanna do?”  “I dunno.  Whatever.”  Well, we finally settled on Chettinaad, where we tried to eat last week and found it closed on a Tuesday!  We drove out there, headed in and were seated right away.  The restaurant was pretty empty, which always makes me nervous, but it was Thursday…

Service was super on the ball and we got waters and some basket of I don’t know what 0they looked like “funny’uns”right away.  Ogre was on the phone talking to a friend of mine that he is working on a project with and, unfortunately, the server was trying to be polite and not bother us while he was on the phone.  I finally waived him over to put an appetizer order -I was starving!!


The kids loved those funny’un things.  Me, not so much.  Ogre finally ended his phone conversation and we ordered dinner.  We had to make some adjustments to the kids’ chicken to ensure it wouldn’t be too spicy, but they were very accomodating.  We also ordered a mango lassi for Mina.

Benji was being super sweet and told me, “I blub you, mommy” and gave me a nice hug.  This is his new thing and I LOVE it!!


Mina was playing with her DS and was quite happy.  Unfortunately her disdain for new foods would be happiness’ demise tonight.


The lamb samosas came out and we portioned them out for everyone.  Of course, Mina didn’t want to eat it, but we told her she needed to try it.  This turned into a huge fiasco beyond recent proportions complete with crying, a trip to the bathroom, and finally a decision to eat the small bit of lamb samosa.  This sounds like it was a quick deal, but really this lasted through most of dinner.

In fact, the focus was so great on this (Ogre mainly, not me!  I say that for my parents who will undoubtedly scold me for being “too hard” on Mina.” that not much else happened at dinner.  Benji screamed loudly about the baby on the other side of the table, ate his meal without problems (but doused in ketchup), got antsy and started to cry “go go yeah,”  and then we left as the restaurant finally started to fill!


Benji did indicate to us that he wanted to bring both is water and the Mango Lassi with us when we left, “Bring dis.”  We compromised and let him bring the lassi.


The food

Southern Indian cuisine.  I’m not as familiar with Southern Indian food and there were many things on the menu, including something called Dosa, I haven’t seen before at the other Indian restaurants we frequent.

I stuck with what I know for this visit.  We had lamb samosas, which are filled with ground lamb and served with a tamarind and a mint sauce and I thought these were good, not amazing, but good.  The pastry was quite flaky and crisp, but not too hard.

I ordered the Lamb Curry.  The lamb was notably tender, but the sauce was too tomato-y for my taste.  I prefer a creamier sauce with more of the curry flavor.  I probably won’t order this one again.

Ogre ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and it was very good.  I tried it.  I liked his sauce much more than mine! The chicken was nice and tender.

They do not have a kids menu, but they were accomodating and we order some kind of “Chicken 65″? without spices.  These were basically really good chicken nuggets!!

The service

Overall average.  Started up great, but as more people came in, we got less attention (or they were staying away from the bad vibes from our table with Mina being in trouble).  A few reminders on drink refills and a request for the check were required.

The kids

Kid accomodating, but not totally kid friendly, particularly if your kid (like ours) is not into Indian food!  It is laid back and casual and I don’t think anyone would be uncomfortable dining with kids here!

Ogre and I debated this on the way home.  I told him that of all the Indian places we’ve ever eaten, this is my least favorite, not that it is a bad restaurant, there are just MANY better choices out there.  He thinks it’s above average and liked it pretty well.    He kept thinking I was going to give it 2 stars, I think.  But I’m not.  3 stars.

The total: Ogre didn’t tell me.

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