The experience

Yesterday, prior to our trip to Jasmine, Mina said she wanted to go to Sushi Awaji.  Seeing how that it is against the rules to go back a second time we had to say no.  She was devestated so we promised we would go this evening. Sometime this morning, Grace had apparently waken me to say she would be back in the morning and we could go to breakfast.  I recalled none of that so when Mina came in bright and early asking for donuts, I went off to get some.  When I came back Grace was surprised we weren’t going to breakfast and seeing as she had a baby shower to attend, I would be going to lunch for the blog today. Around lunch, Dusty mentioned burgers.  This seems to be a trend when we are without Mommy.  Mina seemed excited about the choice so I quickly searched online and settled on Mooyah.


We arrived and headed in.  It was a walk up counter so proceeded to place out order.  Mina said she wanted a Mooyah Junior with cheese.  I asked if she might want bacon.  She excitedly said yes.  And then she asked for “And something else”.  So I went thru guessing and we settled on mayo.  I ordered a Mooyah Burger Mooyah style which had bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cheese, and special sauce.  Dusty had a Mooyah Burger with mayo, lettuce and tomato.  I got Benji the Hot Dog and a large order of fries for everyone to share and we found a table.

They called our number shortly and I brought it back to the table.  Everything comes in  paper bag.  The burgers were wrapped in foil and the kind of just threw the fries on top in the bag.  Everyone else’s was in one bag.  Mine was in another with all the fries.  It was a LOT of fries so I basically had to dig my burger out of the fries.  By the time I had a chance to get my food out and take some picture Dusty had already began to chow down on his.  I took a picture anyway.

Dusty couldn't resist

I chopped up Benji’s hot dog while Mina began to eat her burger.  She seemed to like it quite a bit.  Once Benji got some hot dog he liked that quite a bit too.  I finally managed to find time to open my burger and eat.

Mina's Bacon Cheeseburger

A few minutes of silence later and everyone was finished eating including, surprisingly, Mina.  Good job eating Mina!  Dusty brought up milkshakes and it was too late to put that cat back in the bag.  Recalling previous sickly feeling after burger meals with Dusty, I opted out and told him he could get one for Mina and Benji to split.  Mina asked for strawberry.  Shortly afterwards Dusty returned with two small cups and his own large chocolate shake.  Benji and Mina sucked them down in record time and we were ready to call it a day.

Mina loving her milkshakeBenji loving the other half of the milkshake



The food

Mooyah Style BurgerThis place does pretty much just burgers.  The only other thing on the menu is a hot dog.  The make their own buns as well.  The burgers were really quite good.  Dusty mentioned they were better than Scotty P’s. The burgers were just juicy (read greasy) enough.  The bacon was cooked crispy enough so that it would break easily with each bite so you wouldn’t end up pulling out the entire strip in one bite.  The bun was fresh and was just enough bread.  The even claim to have researched the bun to meat ratio.  The fries are cut with skin on and were very good as well.  They seemed to be cranking them out fresh to order.  Even though I didn’t order a milkshake, Dusty and Mina both said theirs were tasty.

The service

Walk up service so not much to say here.

The kids

Burger and fries are pretty much universally kid friendly so that’s a plus.  This is also once step up from fast food in terms of atmosphere and service.  You get in, you get your food, and you get going.  That leaves little time for the children to get bored.  There were numerous children in the restaurant, all enjoying themselves.  There are no crayon, etc. but given the type of restaurant, its really not necessary.

The rest

So I have to mention my children and milkshakes (dairy products in general).  Perhaps you have noticed that Benji and Mina eat loads of butter and other dairy products.  They get this from their mommy who is a dairy connoisseur.  She rates a restaurant first by their butter.  So this trait has been passed to our children. This first became obvious to me when we lived in Nashville.  It was my birthday and Grace was working overnight (She was a resident at the time so she is forgiven).   So I took my 13 month old Mina to eat ribs at Smokey Bones (yes I know the best BBQ in Nashville was down the street at Corky’s). She already liked ribs at this early age.  After dinner, I decided we’d go “share” a milkshake at the Marble Slab.  We got our shake and sat down outside and let Mina have the first drink.  She proceeded to drink 2/3 of my 16 ounce milkshake without stopping.  I think she would have drank it all if I hadn’t stopped her. Maybe one of these posts I’ll tell you the story of a pregnant Grace forcing her way past a employee trying to close the same Marble Slab.  Or maybe the time in Cincinnati when she almost went into labor she drank an Aglamesi’s malt so fast.  Don’t get in the way of Grace (or her children) and good dairy products.

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