The experience

Mina has wanted to go ice skating for quite some time.  I think she saw someone ice skating on one of the Nick Jr. cartoons she watches.  Today, we all had the day off so we thought we try it out.  I’ve never been ice skating either. Luckily, there were no big mishaps and we all had a great time -even Benji.  Ice skating left us all very hungry and after we used muscles we hadn’t used in quite some time, we thought we re-energize ourselves with some Tex-Mex at Mi Cocina.  There’s a Mi Cocina that looks right onto the rink at the Galleria!


We were seated right away (it was 4:30).  Benji immediately went for the chips…and hot sauce.  I don’t know why he does this.  Ogre thinks he is on his way to being a chili head.  Of course, he cried and then drank some water, and then went for more hot sauce.  Eh, he’ll learn or love it.  We ordered some queso to start and then looked over the menu.


Mina decided on cheese enchiladas, just like her Grandpoo likes.  I decided on chalupas and Ogre wanted to ask the waiter about the mole.  The waiter said that the mole was really good and that he liked it a lot, so Ogre went for it.

The queso arrived and Benji immediately started nodding his head saying “goo…goo…dip dip.”  Of course, I had to ask for another little bowl to put his portion in it and he started to freak out a little bit, but our waiter saved the day by bringing it over within a minute.

Our food arrived just as the kids were starting to get a little antsy.  Mina was not in the mood to have her picture today and Benji was starting to want out of his highchair.  I kept promising rice and beans and just as he was about to have another freak out, the rice and beans really did show up!


Mina was not happy about having guacamole as her “vegetable,” but she begrudgingly ate it, anyway.  I snuck some tomatoes into Benji’s spoonfuls of rice and beans and he didn’t seem to notice or care.  Mina was eating slowly as usual, so we had to tell her to pick up the pace as I had to be at work tonight.

Benji then decided that he wanted to eat the rest of my Chalupa with Queso and he confiscated that from me, which bought Mina enough time to finish up.  In the end, she ate up all her guacamole and a good amount of her cheese enchilada, Grandpoo would be proud.


The food

This is tex-mex that I would consider a little more upscale -and by that I mean pricey. 

The queso was good, not excellent, not bad, just good.

DSC00313I orderd “Gina’s.”  This is three chalupas -one with guacamole, one with queso and one with beans (and veggies).  I thought these were above average overall.  A nice crisp, yet thick enough chip to withstand the queso and not become soggy.  Not that it’s to their credit, well, maybe it is, but the tomatoes were excellent today!  The beans were very tasty making the bean chalupa excellent.

DSC00315Ogre ordered Chicken Enchiladas with Mole sauce.  He thought it was good.  The cilantro rice was super tasty (I love cilantro!!).  The mole sauce did not have the strong bitter chocolate flavor you sometimes get, but it was good. 

DSC00314Mina ordered the Cheese Enchiladas.  Clearly, she liked them.  I did not try them, so we’ll have to take Mina’s reaction for what it’s worth.


There was a nice kids menu with choice of taco, enchilada, quesadilla, flautas, or a chalupa with rice and beans for $5.75.


The service

Service was above average today.  He seemed on point and I think he kept Ogre’s drink refilled.  He was very kind to the kids and chatted with Benji about clearing the table.  He asked Benji if he was done and Benji said, “Done” and gave him the salsa bowls.  The tempo of the food coming out was not too long, so, no, I can’t find anything to complain about!


The kids

This location at the Galleria seems to be quite kid friendly -there were kids at almost every table!  And it’s loud since it’s right by the skating rink.  I joked with Ogre when they started to play Snow Patrol that we should be out there slow skating.  Awesome.  Ok, I digress, I felt very comfortable eating with my children who were in strange moods today.  I will say, though, that I have eaten at some of the other Mi Cocinas and I don’t know that I’d be as comfortable with my brood there. 

Food is great, service is great, and you’ll PROBABLY be fine with the kids, but I can’t promise you a good experience at the other locations!

The total: $11.06 (with $25 gift certificate)

What did Guidelive say?

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