The experience

Ogre had a meeting across town and Mina was not feeling well today, so I ended up leaving Mina at my parents’ house while Benji and I had a date out together.  Benji (thankfully!) was in a super good mood and chatted and sang all the way to the restaurant.  Ogre has now narrowed my choices even more for childsplate by telling me that I cannot choose a restaurant that he might want to go to or like.  I decided to choose the sushi restaurant by the Korea Garden restaurant in the mall area of the May Hua Supermarket.  I forgot the name of this place until I just looked at my receipt: It’s called Sushi Place.  My kids actually like Japanese food, so it’d be a good choice for me and my date.

We walked into the supermarket foyer and as we passed Joy Luck BBQ, Benji made it a point at the roast duck hanging in the window to say, “Ew, gusting!” I quickly dragged him by before anyone could hear. We walked up to the counter and ordered dinner and I glanced around the room and did not see any high chairs, so I opted to sit at the sushi bar, which at least had bar stools with arms that would contain the Benj.


We sat down and Benji was very excited to be sitting in a big boy chair.  He asked me to pull out his “shock sticks” to “rock out” while we waited.  The miso soup came out right away and I started to eat that while Benji entertained himself with his chopsticks.  He was quite pleased with himself after putting the chopstics across my soup bowl.



I pulled out all the tofu from the soup and gave that to Benji, who quickly ate the tofu and wanted more.  I had to explain to him that there wasn’t any more and opted against asking for more since we’d already paid and I wasn’t sure if it would be gratis.

Instead, Benji decided he wanted some soup so I gave him some and he nodded his head in approval and told me, “goot soup!” He said, “more, please” and when I would get distracted about giving him more, he would yell, “MORE!”


The bento box came out just as we were running out of soup, which was great.  Benji immediately went for the Shrimp Tempura.  I cautioned him that it was hot and distracted him with some rice until it cooled down.


As we waited, Benji sang “Happy Birthday to you…cha-cha-cha” VERY loudly.  I enjoyed it, and he did get some smiles from the rest of the patrons.

The rest of dinner was pretty uneventful and I could not take any more pictures because Benji decided he wanted to sit in “mommy lap” and I let him while I finished dinner.

I packed up everything to head home and about halfway home I realized I left my phone at the restaurant and had to turn around and get it.  Once again, as we walked by the Joy Luck BBQ window, Benji loudly said, “Ew! Gusting!”


The food

They call themselves a ”fast food Japenese restaurant.”   Sushi, udon, bento boxes among other Japanese entrees.

Benji and I ordered the Chicken Hibachi and Shrimp Tempura Bento Box.  For 8 bucks it’s quite the steal.  It comes with miso soup, a salad with miso dressing, 1 shrimp tempura and some shredded veggies tempura, 4 pieces of a California roll, rice, and the Chicken Hibachi.  The soup was above average with a nice strong miso flavor.  Benji would have preferred more tofu pieces as it was quite skinny on that.  The salad was very good and I enjoyed the miso dressing quite a bit.  I don’t believe I can accurately review the Shrimp Tempura since Benji had eaten most of the breading and bits of the shrimp before I could have a bite, but the tempura batter was a little thicker than I like.  The zucchini in the vegetable tempura seemed very undercooked and chewy.  The california roll was fine.  I did not like the Chicken Hibachi as the chicken was quite dry and the sauce not that great.

The service

Mostly counter service: you order at the counter, but they bring out water and your entree to you.  They did check on us once during the meal to make sure everything was okay.  Food was a little slow to come out, but since we were sitting at the sushi bar, I could see that they were having some issues in the “kitchen” as the sushi rice had just run out and they were behind getting the sushi out.


The kids

Other than the laid back nature of the restaurant (which has mall-esque set up), it’s not that kid friendly unless you’re kids like sushi and/or Japanese entrees (no kids menus, no appetizers that would really work as a meal for kids) and not kids activities (not that I’d expect that).

I guess it’s fine if you want fast food Japanese food.  The prices were very inexpensive for sushi, but it’s reflected in the quality and when I want sushi, I usually anticipate spending more and want good sushi.  The bento boxes here were just okay.

Total: 10.63

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