The experience

Main Street BistroIt’s Halloween today and this is a BIG deal at Casa Phipps.  Knowing that we’d be making dinner at home created a do or die situation for breakfast or lunch.  Seeing how I would be rounding this morning, I was out for breakfast for sure, so we decided to try and do lunch with Benji.  Fortunately, I was able to round and run errands and get home to have lunch with my two favorite boys.  I still had more errands to run, including that trip to Williams Sanoma.  So, we decided to go to Main Street Bistro, which would be on the way to Northpark.

We were seated right away in a requested booth.  We got Benji settled in and ordered our drinks.  Benji was already asking for “uh uh do,” which we ordered for him -that’s apple juice in case you’re not a regular reader or have not learned Benjaminese. Ogre guessed what I wanted and they asked me if I knew what he wanted.  He said that he knows me very well.  He was right.  I knew what he would’ve wanted (they took it off the menu) so he sang, “If you don’t know me by now…”  I just remembered that he took a picture of me after this giving him “the look” as he calls it.  I call it either rolling my eyes or stinkeye.  Today I think it was a little of both!

Stink Eye


We did have to wait a bit before the waiter returned to take our lunch order.  We ordered a banana nut muffin for Benjamin and I ordered a side of fruit with mine for him, also.  I ordered the half sandwich/cup of soup combo and Ogre ordered the half sandwich/side salad combo. Then it was back to more waiting.  By now, Benji was getting a little bored and irritated and since his cup was his only form of entertainment, he decided that this would be what he would play with.  The good cupsI turned his straw upside down so he wouldn’t keep pulling it out flinging apple juice everywhere.  He was not pleased with that and when he couldn’t get the straw out, he flung his cup across the table.  After he did that twice, we took it away.  We wondered where the heck is muffin was.  We had to wait quite a long while to get our food.

He finally came over empty handed.  Apparently they didn’t have any more banana nut muffins, would blueberry suffice?  Sure, we said.  He came back with Benji’s muffin, and as anticipated, Benji was a much happy toddler after that.  Muffin MonsterOur food showed up awhile later and Benji saw my Tomato Basil Soup -he must have thought it was salsa because he said “spa-see” (spicy).  I told him it was soup and his eyes perked up and he wanted some.  I told him it was hot and he understood.  After I gave him some, he said “goo” and then kept requesting  “mo mo sue” (more soup) .  Then he noticed the chips or “chee.”   Wanted those, too.  Ogre heard and obliged.  He’s such a push over.  He also noticed the vinaigrette dip that Ogre and I were dipping our chips into and he wanted some of that, too.  Now, I’d have to share my vinaigrette dip that I ordered on the side to dip MY chips in with both Ogre AND Benji.  Sheesh. 

Benji Loves Soup


We all finished up dinner without too much fuss.  As we were finishing, Ogre recalled that this placed has been recognized for their croissants, so we ordered one for the road.  When the waiter returned with our bill and the bag with croissant, Benji said, “do-nuh” (do nut) as he has been conditioned to think that donuts come in white bags (the place we get morning donuts from on occasion uses white paper bags).

They forgot about my fruit.


The food

I like the food here.  I’d say it’s above average and it’s a great lunch spot.  I like the lunch portions and the prices.  I’m a big fan of the combo meals for lunch and you can pick soup or salad to go with your sandwhich or you can do soup and salad.  Perfect.

French Brie Panini with Tomato Basil SoupI ordered the French Brie Panini, which as pear, prosciutto and spinach on it.  It tastes lovely!  And even better when you dip it in the balsamic vinaigrette they serve here (but you have to request it).  The tomato basil soup is also really good, but I do think it’s better at La Madeleine (I bet they add more cream at La Madeleine).


Mozzarella Tomato Pesto Panini with Main Street SaladOgre ordered the Tomato, Mozzarella, Pesto Sandwich and the House Salad, which he also says is really good.



Blueberry MuffinFor Benji, we got the muffin, which was very moist.  All the blueberries sort of settle to the bottom, but it’s still a great muffin.

Their chocolate croissantis good, but not spectacular.  They use dark chocolate and I thought the croissant itself was a little dense.  I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but, again, I like it better at La Madeleine.

Ogre also wants to give NEGATIVE points for their coffee.  Because it’s Starbucks.


The service

Hit or miss here.  Today, it was more on the miss side.  It wasn’t horrible, but it certainly wasn’t great, or even good, really.  I told Ogre he must not have kid when it was taking so long for the muffing to come out.  We had to request drink refills a few times.  The tempo of food coming out was a little long also.


The kids

It’s a casual, laid back restaurant so that’s a plus and they have a pretty goo kids menu.  No kids activities or anything like that, but it is a cafe, so I wouldn’t expect that.

For a good lunch, if you’ve got time, this is a good choice.

The total: $26.35


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

I’m sure you guys are starting to think I’m a little weird with me eating ribs and wings with a knife and fork.  Well, let me add to it.  I like to ration my food as I eat so I never end up with a lot of one particularly thing at the end of my meal.  I also like to ration my dips and sauces so that I can have at least a little with every bite. 

Well, this become very difficult when you’ve got a husband who likes to steal from your specially ordered side dip.  He does this all the time.  He also like to dip into my salsas when he’s finished with his.

Drives me crazy.  And now Benji is doing it, too.  But he’s so cute, I’ll let him.

Grace Doesn't Like to Share her sauce

"My" sauce

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