The experience

photoOgre told me that he was in the mood for soup tonight.  I suggested Mr. Shabu Shabu and he thought it sounded like a pretty good idea.  Mina was not with us as she was with Oma and Grandpoo.  So, it was just us and the Benj.  We’ve never been here before and didn’t really know what to expect.  We walk in and are seated right away.  The tables are long with a hot pot spot in front of every chair (they also have normal tables).  We sat here since Ogre was defnitely doing his own hot pot.  We put Benji in between us so we could both keep and eye on him.


We looked over the menu and I immediately wished I’d consulted Chowhound before coming as I once read a thread about how to do this properly.  Intimidated, I skipped over to the soups made for you.   Ogre was not swayed and was still itching to hot pot.  He asked the waitress for some help and despite some language issues, he found out which one she thought was best. 

I tried to order some cold silk tofu for Benji, but she had no idea what I was talking about, so I gave up on that. At the last minute, she said Ogre’s hot pot ingredients would have some tofu and we could give him some of that.


Ogre’s non-meat ingredients came out and she told us what each thing was.  Again, the accent/language issue popped up.  Ogre thought she was calling something “squirrel,” I said I thought she said “scrotum.”  Ogre rolled his eyes at me and started putting the cabbage in as directed. 


Then, he let Benji help him put the cabbage leaves, which Benji thoroughly enjoyed.  We had to keep close watch to make sure Benji didn’t get too close to the hot pot.  Ogre slowly put the other stuff in, not really knowing if what he was doing was right, but praising himself nonetheless.


He asked the waitress if he was supposed to pour the sauce that came with it, and she looked at him like he was crazy, “No, no, no!  That’s for dipping the meat!”  Hee hee.  Ogre cut up some tofu for Benji and put it in his bowl.

My soup came out and I got another bowl and soup spoon for him.   He really enjoyed the udon noodles and kept asking for more.  I enjoyed my soup also, but had to avoid the plethora of cuttlefish.

Ogre’s meat finally came out and he added that in, noting that his soup tasted much better now and forced me to have a bowl.  I agree that it was pretty good, plus Ogre would be annoyed if I told him anything less.


As we finished, Grandpoo called saying that they were already at our house, so we headed on out to join them at home.


The food

Shabu Shabu is Japanese style hot pot soup.   But the owners are Chinese.  They have a lot of soup based dishes and then there is another menu with other rice and noodle dishes.  Definitely no mall food here.

photoI ordered the Seafood Udon.  It is a clear broth that I think is more vegetable based and then they add in the seafood as the broth was not fishy.  The seafood in the soup included, some scallops, shrimp and crab, A LOT of cuttlefish, and some other whitefish.  I had to add some soy sauce to my soup to give it more of  salty flavor.  Overall, I liked it, but I do not like cuttlefish, white fish or scallops.   It was nothing like the Seafood Udon at Korea Garden (just inside the mall area), which I LOVE!!

Ogre decided to make his own hot pot. Our waitress recommended the Ribeye Hot Pot.  He was a little unsure of what to do, but she explained it to him and he was very impressed with himself (I’m not surprised).  He actually liked it better after adding in the thinly sliced ribeye as it gave it a more meaty flavor.  I tried it and agreed that it was good, but I prefer the soup to not be so muddy with the beef added.


The service

Pretty good.  There was definitely a language barrier with our waitress, but she did her best to tell us about the food and explain to Ogre what he needed to do.  The drinks were pretty well refilled.  Food comes out pretty quick.

The kids

Well, there’s no kids menu, no kids activities, and be careful if you sit by the hot pot cooker things!

We had fun eating here and Benji likes soup, so it worked out for us.  I think I’ll have to prepare before our next outing.  I did not want to make my own soup as I’m not totally sure about how to do it!  It’s fun and I think would be fun for big group to eat here.

The total: 27 ish

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