The experience

Mr. WokToday is Mina’s music class and she eats dinner with Grandpoo and Oma.  That left the rest of Team Phipps to fend for dinner our own.  We discussed some options, but wanted to stay close so that we could meet Mina at home when class was over. Ogre joked about Mr. Wok Asian Bistro, which we so often do, and then decided, okay, we’ll give it another chance.  It’s actually the third chance, but that didn’t sound as cool. 

We arrived and were seated right away.  One thing that Ogre and I have always noted as we make fun of Mr. Wok is that the place is always packed!  Even tonight, there was a decent crowd.  We looked at the pictures of the entrees on the wall, and boy did they look tasty!

We sat down and looked over the menu.  We ordered our drinks and Benji promptly decided to purposefully spill his drink, which we chided him for.  Then he tried to pull the little wooden platform for the sauces and seasonings, which Ogre had to move out of little hand’s reach.  Arggh.

Benji making a mess

The waitress came over and we had a mind numbing discussion about what was in some of the entrees before ordering something for ourselves and some BBQ pork fried rice for Benji.  We requested that the rice come out as soon as it was done since Benji was already asking for “Rye” (rice) when we were driving to the restaurant. 

I don’t think 5 minutes passed before the fried rice came out.  As the rice came out, Benji was saying “hah dah” (hot dog).  I looked down and I think he was saying the chopstick was the hot dog sitting in a bun (the plastic thingy).  Very impressive.  This is the first time I’ve ever heard him “make up” something.  Pretty cool!!

Benji's Hotdog

We dished out the rice and less than another five minutes passed before Ogre and my dinner came out.  We were both raising our eyebrows in surprise…that it tasted good!  We decided to eat “family style” so we could have some of each, although Ogre commented that he thought it was a little one sided.

Benji got in trouble for spilling his drink again and had his drink taken away…and given back…and taken away.  Benji enjoyed using his long teaspoon to spoon rice and my sauce on to his plate. 

Benji grabbing for food

As we finished up, we looked at the clock and found that we needed to get home to meet sweet Mina.  We would not be getting the Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls tonight. 

We did get our fortune cookies though.  I helped Benji with his.  Here are our fortunes:

  • Grace: You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble.  Answer the call.
  • Ogre: Now is a good time to call a loved at a distance from you.
  • Benji: This year your highest priority will be your family.

Once again, fast dinner and no Mina are synonymous…but not as fun.

Benji eating cookies


The food

This is a casual Americanized Chinese restaurant. I have to be honest, but I tend to just lump them all together and have never found any standouts.  When I want actually want Chinese food, we don’t go to places like this because I like more “traditional” (well, as traditional as you can get in Dallas) Chinese.

Four Treasures Garlic SauceI ordered the Four Treasures in Garlic Sauce.  It was not bad!  There were lots of veggies (including baby corn, straw mushrooms, broccoli, and sliced zucchini -which are all my favorites).  The sauce was not too spicy.  I did think it was a little heavy on the “generic brown sauce” flavor.  The shrimp, beef and chicken were fine, but that pork was totally overcooked and tough.  I could have done with three treasures. 

Crispy Tangy BeefOgre ordered the Crispy Tangy Beef.  Again, pretty good!  His was better than mine.  As the name implies, there was a crispy breading on the beef and the sauce was tangy and spicy. It was served with green beans that were nice and crisp -I ate these, too.  Yum!


BBQ Pork Fried RiceFor Benji, we ordered the BBQ fried rice.  It was also good.  Lucky for Ogre and I, Benji did not eat very much of it, so we got to partake of quite a bit of it! It’s a little different than your standard Chinese Fried Rice as it’s made with Sushi Rice, so it’s a little bit stickier.  Really good, though!

There is no children’s menu.  Ogre and I have discussed this at length and we don’t get why most Asian restaurants don’t have kids menus.  It seems so simple to just make a few less breaded whatevers and serve with rice.  We event think the profit margins on this would be better.  What’s the deal??!


The service

I’m going to go ahead and presume this is our server’s first waitressing job.  Then I can forgive her…lameness.  She was definitely a nice, sweet young lady, but she didn’t have a clue…literally.  Ogre asked her what her favorite dish was and she said it was the “Tangy Spicy.”  Hmmm.  Intriguing.  “What is it?” Ogre appropriately asked.  She said it wasn’t on the menu and she didn’t know what it was, she just liked it.  I asked her if the Four Treasures in Garlic Sauce had the same sauce as the Garlic Shrimp and she told me she didn’t know.  Pause.  I had ask her to ask someone.  Other than that, she was fine.  She kept our drinks refilled and our dishes came out in a very timely manner.

The kids

Again, Asian restaurants tend to not be the most obviously kid friendly restaurants, but we typically find that they are not fluffy friendly.  The meals can be served family style and it’s usually kid palate friendly.  The food here was served at a very fast tempo, which is great with kids!

So, we gave this place another chance and we were pleasantly surprised.  I wouldn’t have said this yesterday, but I now would recommend this place for a casual Chinese bite that is better than your average fast food or mall Chinese.

The total: 31.21

What did Guidelive say?  Doh!  I’ll tell you what Guidelive said!  There are two other menus that you can REQUEST…one is a Japanese-style Chinese menu and the other is TRADITIONAL CHINESE!!  Arrgh again!  I guess I didn’t look Asian enough to get the secret menus!


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Ogre and I ate here many moons ago…it’s probably been over ten years. The first time we ate here, there was hair in my food and the food without the hair wasn’t very good.  We even tried it again a second time -don’t ask me why, and it was better but still not great and after that I’ve had no desire to eat there.  In fact, we drive past there many, many times and we usually make fun of it as that place where I had hair in my food.

I’m glad we gave it another chance, it’s actually good Chinese (although, it is ”Americanized” Chinese).

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