The experience

Grace had the night off so we went to a place we had been wanting to go to for some time.  We were waiting for Grace to have the chance to get one of their Pomeritas.  So we packed up the kids relatively earlier and headed down to Cafe San Miguel.  We pulled into the parking lot and there was no place to park so I dropped off Grace to get us on the list and went to park. Once I got inside, the place was pretty much wide open.  I guess everyone in  the one large party must have taken their own car.

I found Grace in the back corner and we got the kids settled in.  I quickly realized there was no kids menu.  Mina quickly pulled out her supplies including her Care Bears mat from home.

Benji was busy messing with the drink special sign as he is prone to do when they have them on the table.  He takes them apart and then gets all frustrated when he can’t put it back together.  I help him and he does it again and so on.

We decided we’d order the empanadas for the kids and guacamole for me and for Mina’s vegetable.  Luckily we were keeping busy teaching Mina to draw stars that we didn’t really notice until quite some time that the waiter still hadn’t appeared to take our drink order let alone the appetizers.

Once we finally got our order in we set about waiting for the food.  That also took a good bit of time.  We went through all the chips before they arrived.  When they finally did we realized that the tiny portion would in no way feed the kids.  Luckily, the waiter said we could basically order whatever.  So we go them quesadillas.

Again, the food would take some time to arrive.  In the meantime, Benji switched to drawing with some crayons Mina let him borrow.  Mina was also taking her time eating he guacamole.  She managed to eat it all before the food got there.  She was lucky it was took so long.

So the deal was she was going to get dessert but as the meal dragged on Mina had eaten not even one of the quarters of the quesadilla.  Benji had already eaten his half.  At least the filling part.  Mina’s stomach suddenly “hurt”.  Of course I said if that was really the case she could stop eating but there would be no dessert.  She said she didn’t want any.

Grace and I decided to switch meals earlier on.  We both enjoyed what we got but I think we enjoyed each others just a bit more.  So we each finished half of each.

Mina decided she felt better after a bathroom break and decide she would eat her meal.  I let her finish her one piece of quesadilla and then two bites of the crab enchiladas and then should could have her dessert.  She almost didn’t make it through the crab.

We waited quite some time once more to order our dessert.  We got Benji some ice cream and Mina and Grace would share flan.  The dessert arrived quickly in comparison to everything else.  The waiter apologized for the wait for the meal and had a free piece of tres leches.  Nice gesture but we really wouldn’t have ordered our other dessert if we’d known so it wasn’t that big a benefit.

We finished up the dessert pretty quickly and I began to regret not asking for the check when the dessert arrived.  By the time we finally did get home Benji was out.

The food

The food was above average.  It wasn’t all your typical Mexican and the typical Mexican was done well, too.

We started with some guacamole and crab empanadas.  The crab empanadas were very tasty but the portion was rather small.  Grace really seemed to enjoy them as well.  Neither of the kids we all that interested.  The guacamole I thought was very good.  Grace thought it was too “limey” but she doesn’t like guacamole anyhow.

Grace ordered the lobster enchiladas with a tomato cream sauce.  They were quite good.  Grace said she thought they were very tasty as well.  There was quite a bit of lobster and the sauce had a nice flavor.  I might have enjoyed a bit more tomato in the sauce.

I ordered the Enfrijoladas de Cangrejo which was basically stacked crab enchiladas with black beans and red onions layered in between.  The waiter described it as Mexican lasagna.  It was really good and I am not usually one that orders crab.  The onions are what really made the dish.  They were marinated tangy red onions that really added some great flavor.  Grace felt the same.

We ordered the kids chicken quesadillas.  It came with rice and beans.  Their refried beans were a bit watery and Mina mentioned they looked like soup.  They tasted OK, but nothing great.  The chicken enchiladas were actually really good.  Benji ate half of them.

We ended up three desserts.  Benji loved the ice cream as usual.  The flan was pretty good but Mina didn’t finish it off so it was not spectacular.  The tres leches was pretty good.  It ranged from very good at the center where it was most soaked to not bad at the edges.

The service

The service was slow.  The waiter was nice enough when he came by but he didn’t come by far often enough.  Grace was clearly annoyed.  He offered a free slice of cake and apologized for the delay but only after he let us order 2 desserts at full price.

The kids

Although there was no kids menu they did offer a few choices.  Based on how he presented the choices it didn’t seem like a set thing.  He was basically saying you could order any simple mexican dish.  Quesadillas, nachos, etc.  That’s a plus but the setting was a bit upscale and there were no activities.  Just an average kid friendly restaurant.

Total Cost: ~$80 (3 pricey margaritas)

The rest

So I had to reinstall everything on my computer and I have been out of town for most of the week.  When I went to get these pictures off the computer, I realized I had not yet installed the software.  I’ll get that fixed and put up the photos ASAP.  Sorry.

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