The experience

We spent a couple of nights in Brenham with NO internet access (hence many late posts!) and on Monday, we took the kids to the Blue Bell Creamery.  It was a fun excursion…probably not the best idea to have ice cream before lunch, but I guess that would depend on who you asked in our little family.  Benji and Mina thought it was great!  After the tour, we headed to downtown Brenham for lunch.  Our efforts to find a good lunch spot was thwarted a few times as we found that most of the downtown restaurant and shops were closed on Monday!  We did happen on Must Be Heaven and decided that would be where we’d have to eat lunch if we wanted something more nutritious than ice cream.

We walked in and there was already quite a line to order.  The kids and I stayed in line with Ogre until he was close to ordering and then we sat down at a booth.  I tried to keep Benji contained (getting more and more difficult) while Ogre ordered and brought over drinks and chips.  I quickly realized that letting Benji sit in the booth without some type of restraint was not going to work. 

I went over to get a high chair while Ogre picked up the rest of our lunch.  Thankfully, a nice bus boy helped me with the high chairs that were piled taller than me (granted, I’m only 4’11″!) and carried over to the table for me.  I settled Benji in and he was immediately distracted by the sight of food and his lunch box, which had what I thought was a dinosaur on it.  Mina later corrected me as it was actually a turtle, “Mommy!  Dinasours don’t have shells!”  Yup, she was right, the back of the box had a shell on it. 

Mina’s box was a little disturbing as she had a racoon on hers decorated with trash and trash cans.  Gross.

Benji immediately started making a huge mess because his Styrofoam cup was filled to high with water and he would tip the cup and spill water all over his food.  Luckily, my cat like reflexes came into play and I was able to sop everything up, gave him my plate to use and I moved the cup away so he’d have to ask for it when he wanted to drink and I could supervise.

Mina announced that her pickle tasted great!  She wasn’t necessarily being facetious, I think she was trying to have a good attitude about having try it, even though I don’t really think she liked it!

Benji happily ate his PB&J sandwich and happily got jelly in his hair, I’m not sure how.  There was just all of a sudden a big glob on his head. 

I unhappily tried to pick out as many almonds out of my sandwich as Ogre tried to get me to trade sandwich halves with him (even thought he just agreed with me that almonds are disgusting in chicken salad sandwiches).   Yes, my husband is very kind to me to offer to trade, but that’s just not a fair trade.  I did accept a couple bites of his sandwich though!

Once we finished our lunch, we headed back out to our Bed and Breakfast in Cat Spring for more relaxation!

The food

It’s like a diner, but no greasy food, just sandwiches, salads, soups and pies.

I ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich and Maryland Crab Soup combo.  Neither was anything to write home to mom about except in the case of my Chicken Salad, I’d have to write home to tell her that I don’t like almonds in my chicken salad, particularly A WHOLE LOT of almonds.  I don’t mind “stuff” in my chicken salad, just please let it not be almonds.  It was almonds.  The soup was pretty uninspired also, it just reminded me of vegetable beef without the beef and tiny strands of crabs floating on top. 

Ogre ordered the Pastrami Sandwich and a salad.  The salad is your run of the mill salad with run of the mill salad dressing choices.  His sandwich was better than mine and was nice and meaty. 

Mina ordered the grilled cheese sandwich and that looked tasty with nice, creamy, melted cheese and a nicely buttered and toasted bread.  Benji got the PB&J on wheat and he liked his as well.


The service

Counter service.


The kids

It’s kid friendly.  It has a large dining area and it’s very casual. No kids activities, but they have a good little kids menu and cute boxes that their meals come in.

It may be your only choice if you’re needing lunch on a weekday!  It’s fine for a quick lunch without high expectations.

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