The Experience

Solo night 3. I think we’re nearing 50% sans wife. Just when I think we can’t get any later a start than yesterday. No Dusty this time so, its just the three of us. Considering the time, I decide on two places very close to home. Pho Que Huong or Napoli’s. I let Mina decide. She sways towards the tasty pork dish at Pho, but quickly decides on pizza.

It’s right on the way home from the babysitter’s house (Grace’s parent’s). What could be easier. It’s located in a strip mall walking distance from where I grew up. We enter the nondescript location and I let Mina pick a table (its seat yourself). She opts for the one where she can watch TV. Figures. The waitress quickly arrives to get our drink orders. Only sugar water and sugar free water were available for the kids. I let Mina get the pink lemonade this evening. I throw on an order of their tasty garlic rolls and a side of marinara for dipping. Dips; a must have for both kids. I also order a child size ziti and meatballs for Benji. Mina has already opted for pizza this evening; with sausage and pineapple. I throw jalapenos on my side and throw off the pineapple.

The rolls arrive and they are flaming hot. Benji sees me juggling one and starts blowing into the air, copying my usual behavior of blowing off the hot food for him. I oblige and blow on the roll. Once cool, I give him the roll and, hesitantly, the marinara.

Personal marinara sauces

Sure enough he loves it, and sure enough its a huge mess. Another evening Grace wouldn’t have missed.

Benji is going crazy this evening. When he begins to try and throw the sauce around I have to take it from him. He goes ballistic. The whole restaurant is looking in our direction as I try in vain to calm him. Mina has more luck when she offers to feed him her roll. He wouldn’t take mine.

Ziti arrives shortly after and I slice up some for Benji. The in-laws said he ate a ton but you would never know it by the shoveling of food into his mouth. Benji is on his second helping when the pizza arrives.

Napoli's Pizza

Me and Mina dig in. Mina gets through one slice and opts for a second. Good work! First bite of the second slice proves that some of the jalapeno juice got onto her piece. I have her eat some cheese off the pizza and bite off the offending portion for her. Benji gets through a third helping of pasta and then just starts playing with his leftovers. Mina eats a decent portion of her pizza so I go for dessert.


I love cannoli and had never tried it here before so I figured no time like the present. Dessert arrives and Benji demands his part.

Kids eating cannoli

We go thru it quickly. Mina expresses concern that I might eat her half. “But you take big bites!”, is her response to my suggestion that we take turns taking bites.

I use the remainder of the napkins from the dispenser on the table cleaning Benjamin’s area. Could have used a few more…

The Food

The pizza here is well above average and always hot and fresh. They have NY style and deep dish Sicilian. I haven’t tried the Sicilian. Guess I’ll save that for next year. They use some great cheese and their sauce has a nice sweetness to it. The garlic rolls will keep the family busy while waiting on the main course; you can buy them by the dozen. They have a nice selection of pastas that are quite good and also do meatball subs and several other sub sandwiches. The cannoli was actually outstanding here. The filling was extraordinarily smooth and creamy and they didn’t go overboard with the chocolate chips. The shell held up better than most, as well.

The Service

Our waitress was on the ball. Quick and attentive and the other staff was more than willing to help. They were very attentive and were aware of low beverages almost immediately. I didn’t have to ask for a refill once. Very cheerful and friendly and interacted with the kids to keep them amused.

Total Cost: $26.30

There i are two additional locations in Allen and Corsicana (?!) in addition to this Plano location in the heart of Los Rios, my childhood neighborhood.

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