The experience

Today was another day with Dr. Mom away at work.  So me and the kids would be on our own.  Mina said she wanted to try the place she saw the day before.  I recalled she had noticed Grandy’s.  Yep, that’s what she wanted to have.  Hadn’t been there in eons, so what the heck.  Grandy’s it is.  I figured it would be quick as the hour was getting late anyhow.


We pulled up and headed in.  Seems like we’d be eating alone.  Well, almost alone.  There was another gentlemen in the restaurant with his kids as well.  I let Benji down and had Mina quickly decide on her food and there were off to find a seat.  I figured they wouldn’t be bothering anyone.

I ordered up the food when the kids came running back around the corner and Benji started banging on the cardboard sign that was hanging.  I had them stop running and stop banging.  It was even bothering me.


The food came out instantly and I carried it over to a table the kids had picked.  I noticed they had removed all decor from the restaurant.  I recall they used to have Norman Rockwell paintings and the like when I was a kid.  Guess Grandy’s has come upon hard times.  Did they just get beat out by the big boys; KFC, Popeye’s, and Church’s?  I remember this place was pretty dang popular when I was younger.  It used to be crowded.  Now, I seldom see many cars at all.  I am amazed it is still open.


In any event, we got down to business and started eating.  Well, everyone but Benji.  He must have had a bologna sandwich at Lala’s.  He spent most of dinner running in circles around the table.  He then started annoying his big sister by pushing her chair back and forth.  He did manage to eat some of his roll with honey.

Mina on the other hand, was well behaved this evening and at all of her food and a second roll with honey.  She ate it all in record time as well.  Good thing as it was getting dark.


So I packed up the kids and headed out.

The food

Decent fried chicken place.  Its as I remember it.  I’ve never been a huge fried chicken fan so I didn’t love it so much when my parents wanted to eat here all the time. They have some decent sides as well.  I recall I liked the sweet buns, but I didn’t try one this time.  Times may have changed.

DSC_0020Mina had fried chicken (boneless).  I tried a small piece.  Its good breading.  The chicken was juicy.  Mina loved it.  She claimed to like it better than Chik-Fil-A; her favorite.  She had fries.  Really good fries actually.

I had Half a Roast Chicken.  It was really good.  I don’t know that I have ever had roast chicken here.  I wasn’t much of a chicken off the bone type in my youth. I’ve honed my carnivore skills since then.  All the pieces were nicely seasoned and really juicy.  I had fries and cole slaw.  The cole slaw was pretty good as well.  Made in the style of Long John Silver’s.  Not as good mind you.  Long John Silver’s is acutally probably my favorite cole slaw ever.  Tasty stuff.

It comes with all you want rolls.  The rolls were OK.  They make them there, and I recall they used to be one of my favorite items.  They seemd to be a little old.  It was late so they probably made them some time early.

The service

Counter service…

The kids

Decent kids choices.  Fried chicken works with most.  I don’t think you’d have a problem here.  It’s casual and it’s fast.

Total Cost: ~$12

The rest

So I got curious and needed to find some more factoids to store away.  It seems like Grandy’s peaked in th 80′s, hence my memory of the place in its heyday.  Marriot bought them out and it went down the tubes.  Seems some new place out of Florida just bought them a year or so back and are trying to revive it.  Need to work on the old Plano location then.  If anyone wants the factoids, its all here.  We ate at the old one at 620 East 15th Street.

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