The experience

Mommy was working this evening so it was dinner time with Papa and the kids.  Mina decided she wanted Japanese and I had no idea where to go.  I was headed to Richardson in the general direction of some Asian restaurants when I recalled a restaurant off of Belt Line.  So we pulled up to Masami to eat.  I unloaded the kids and we headed in.

Inside they had some nice bench seats with pillows and a room that had recessed seating that you could take your shoes off to eat.  We got one of the benches and I quickly ordered up an appetizer for the kids.  I also ordered chicken kare age appetizer for the kids.

When he returned with our drinks, I changed the kare age order to the kids plate that came with kare age, rice and shrimp tempura.  I made sure to mention to cancel the previous appetizer version.

He returned shortly with the dumplings I had ordered and I went ahead and asked for some tofu for the kids.  We usually ask for a side of the tofu that comes with the miso soup.  I did the same here but he returned with a bowl of huge chunks of tofu.  I figured this was the appetizer portion I had seen on the menu.

It ended up being a hit with the kids.  They both enjoyed cutting up the chunks and eating them.  Benji was quite good at using his chopstick for a knife.  As was Mina.

The came a chicken TERIYAKI appetizer.  I explained that I didn’t want teriyaki and besides, I had changed to the kids plate order.  After a brief exchange, he finally realized the customer was always right and I got it returned.  The kids plate arrived in its place right behind.

My sushi came out soon after and we all dug in.  At first, Mina said she didn’t want any tuna.  I told her it was quite good and Benji was enjoying it, too.  So she changed her mind and ended up eating a good bit of my sushi as well.

The kids finished up their meal and we headed out to go to Boba Latte.  We picked something up to bring to Mommy at work too.  The kids enjoyed that.

The food

Japanese and Sushi.


We started with the tofu for the kids.  The enjoyed the huge chunks.  Especially Benji who enjoyed being able to cut it up.  It was served on a banana leaf over ice.  Very nice effect.  It came with assorted condiments but the kids like it plain.

I ordered gyoza for an appetizer.  The kids enjoyed it quite a bit.  I only got one.  Mina said she didn’t want any at first but she decided to try one after Benji started chowing down.  Then she ended up eating 2.  They were nicely fried with a flavorful filling.

The kids got Chicken Kare Age with a Shimp Tempura.  They ate most of everything so I am sure they liked it.  I tasted a bit of chicken and it wasn’t bad.  I think its better at Sushi Awaji.

I ordered Sushi and 2 rolls; the jalapeno and a volcano roll.  The sushi was fresh and very good and the rolls were also quite tasty.  I especially enjoyed the jalapeno roll as it packed quite a punch.  Above average sushi.

The service

Pretty good service.  Quick on the drink refills and helpful with the menu.  There was some confusion between the teriyaki and the kare-age that he got a bit argumentative about but he was apologetic once we clarified the problem.  No issues here.

The kids

They do have a kids menu but at $11 bucks its a little crazy.  Our kids enjoy the tofu and raw tuna and they seemed to enjoy the dumplings so food wise it was ok kid friendly, but due to pricing I am giving it below average on the kid friendlinesss.

Total cost: ~$85

The rest

We’re having some technical difficulties with flickr right now, so I was only able to put in this one photo.  I will see if I can get that fixed tomorrow for you guys.

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