The experience

Tonight Grace had to go back to work at the hospital in Dallas so we decided we’d eat somewhere south today. Grace has had her eye on Pluckers ever since she saw the billboard off Lovers that advertised the place with the midsections of some overweight men in tighty whiteys with the slogan “Bodies By Pluckers”.  Quite amusing.  She even wanted me to pose for this post but that wouldn’t be very kid friendly.  We’d meet there since she’d be off to work afterwards.  Somehow Speed Racer beat me by 15 minutes even though we left at the same time. Must have been her lead foot.


Mina dancingSo I arrived and the rest of the family had ordered drinks and Mina was busy dancing to the music overhead.  I settled in and we opted for the Waffles n’ Cheese as an appetizer that Grace had found before I arrived.  That gave me a minute to look over the menu.  We settled on Corn Dogs for the kids and then made a list of 4 sauces that we would like to try. When the waiter returned with the appetizer, I asked about the boneless wings and he said they were chicken tenders.  Nah.  We’d go for the regular wings.  We decided to split 20 and, as luck would have it, you could get that with 4 different sauces.  We went for Teriyaki, Honey BBQ, Buffalo Hot, and Fire.  Grace added a Side Salad with Apple Cider Balsamic Vinaigrette so that it wasn’t all artery clogging.  Sounded too good to pass up so I doubled that order.  We also added a side of Onion Rings and an order of Blue Cheese for the wings.

Waffles n' Cheese

Benji and Mina were loving the waffle fries when our salads arrived.  Grace opted to take out her shredded red cabbage.  She apparently only eats it when cooked in vinegar and brown sugar, German style.  Mina was still busy coloring her place mat with a rainbow of colors when Grace handed her a small pile of shredded carrots as her vegetable.  She asked for an order of ranch for it and I said she’d just have to use the sour cream on the appetizer since we weren’t going to pay for ranch for her to eat them.  I got an “Oh Man!” Grace and I discussed how good the dressing was over mouthfuls of salad.  Shortly afterwards our wings and corn dogs arrived minus a few plates.

Buffalo Wings

It took a bit to hunt down the waiter but we eventually got our plates so we could begin our feast.  Grace ritually sliced up the corn dog and Mina asked for hers cut up as well.  I told her she was big enough to eat it off the stick.  Another, “Oh Man!”  Benji dove into his and Mina was eyeing our wings.  I told her which were which and she grabbed a honey BBQ.  One small bite and she put it back.  I’d be eating that one.  She then tried the teriyaki and stuck with that.  She cleaned that wing to the bone.  Not quite sure why she didn’t enjoy the honey bbq.  It was not spicy at all.  I noted that apparently 20 wings comes with 4 oz. EACH of ranch and blue cheese.  I told Mina she’d be getting ranch after all which she was pleased about.  I wasn’t pleased that we’d ordered extra blue cheese so we had 8 oz. of blue cheese that there was no way we were going to eat.

Mina eating buffalo wings

Second time's the charm

I tried every variety.  Grace tried all but the fire.  I tried to entice her to try for the sake of the blog.  They weren’t THAT hot though my sense of spice is not very accurate.  It did live a decent amount of after burn on you lips but was quite tasty.

We left about 5 wings when we were finished and skipped on the dessert. We had a ton of cake left over from Mina’s birthday to get through anyhow.  While we waited to pay, Mina and Benji entertained themselves by giving each other high five.

High Five

The food

Side SaladOnion RingsCorn Dog


The food was definitely better than most wing joints.  I’ll start with the salads.  The apple cider balsamic dressing was fantastic over a fresh salad with eggs.  Grace and I love eggs on our salad.  The waffles n’ cheese were also very good with some extremely tasty bacon as a topping with cheese and sour cream, we got the jalapenos on the side.  The wings were also very good. Meaty and tender. My favorite was the honey bbq.  Grace preferred the teriyaki.  The fire and the buffalo hot were tasty but not saucy enough for my taste.  The sweeter sauces seemed to have more sauce.  While their blue cheese was good, their ranch was excellent.  I didn’t get thru much of either as I didn’t feel either went with the sweeter wings.  Grace disagrees.

The service

The service was average.  He wasn’t inattentive but he could have stood to check back a bit more often.  My drank ran dry a couple times and we had to wave him down a couple times. Also, there seemed to be a general lack of supplies.  The seemed to run out of lids for the kids and he had to hunt for extra plates. The failed to stock the restrooms with paper towels.  Instead there was a roll on the floor.  Not sure who would use those.

The kids

Today was kids eat free (Tuesdays) which is a big plus.  They have a giant coloring placemat that Mina enjoyed thoroughly.  They had corn dogs, chicken tenders, and one other item we can’t recall.  All kid friendly.  It was another “not-a-quiet” restaurant which Mina loves.  Benji said “goo” many times through dinner so he seemed to enjoy it as well.  He ate the entire corn dog and Mina even ate some wings.  Above average kid friendly wise.

The rest

Grace eats wings with her fork as she does her ribs.  She can’t stand to touch her food.  She wanted to demonstrate her knife and fork skills on a wing vs. mine the usual way.

Grace cleaned a wing with a knife and fork

Grace's wing is on the left

Total Cost: $41.43


Graces Favorite Billboard

Grace's Favorite Billboard

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