The experience

Today was one of those days that reminds me that our lives really revolve around our kids and, right now, Mina.  For lunch, we took back up to L&L Hawaiian BBQ to watch the hula dancers, then back down for her to attend her friend’s birthday party at ASI and then I took Benji home to nap.  Unfortunately, Benji was not waking up any time soon when it was time to head to her next birthday party at Amazing Jake’s.  I told Ogre to go ahead and go as they also needed to pick up Lolo and I would join them later with Benji.  Benji did not wake up until 6:30, so he and I were about an hour late to the party!

photoThere are two entrances into Amazing Jake’s, so luckily, Ogre texted me to go to the group entrance.  I could see that Ogre and Mina were already playing putt-putt.  We walked around looking for the party and found Lolo and settled in.  Of course, Benji wanted to sit with Lolo right away.  Worked out great since I needed to head up to the buffet to get our food.

While in the buffet line I was exposed to some pretty malbehaved children.  I was abit aghast at what some of these kids say to their parents!  I got some salad for myself and some pineapple and goldfish crackers for Benji.  The line for the pastas was pretty long, so I skipped it and went for pizza.  I brought all this back to the table.

Benji quickly ate up the goldfish and pineapples and then started in with pizza.  Ogre showed back up with Mina.  It looked like they were about to cut the cake so Mina sat at the table with the other kids.  Ogre went to get Mina some ice cream as he knew that she doesn’t like cake.  he switched out her plates and brought over her leftovers to ours.  Benji’s eyes grew wide when he saw the raisins and started stuffing his face with raisins.  He knows what he likes!

After Mina and her friends ate their dessert, they were ready to play games upstairs.  Ogre went upstairs with them.  Benji must have become a little jealous as he stood up and pulled Lolo’s hand and wanted him to “go go yeah” also.  My mom showed up a little bit after that and we were able to coax Benji to sit down with us again while Lala finished up her dinner and we all went upstairs to play games and ride rides.


The food

They serve salads, pastas, baked potatoes and pizza.

photoI had a little bit of everything.  None of it was very good.  Ogre and I discussed the pizza as I couldn’t figure out what was. tasting…amiss.  We decided it was the cheese as the cheese had a weird texture…like it was creamy, not stringy like it should be.  I thought that the last time I was hear, the food was at least okay…Ogre said I liked the pasta, so I went back to try that.  I picked the spaghetti, fetuccine alfredo and pasta carbonara…nope,  nothing good.



photoIf you can believe it, the food is better at Chuck E. Cheese!  Mina thinks that the food is good here, but she’s always begging to go to Amazing Jake’s so I’m not surprised!






The service



The kids

It’s kid friendly, but it’s not good food!  And I’d say it’s kid friendly if your out of the toddler stage as the games/rides aren’t very toddler friendly. 

You can’t come to Amazing Jake’s and not order the buffet, it’s not allowed.  I joked with Ogre that I’d like to go out to the food court and eat and come back, but I wasn’t sure if that was allowed (in and out) so I muddled through enough food to not be hungry!).  I’m sure we’ll be back at the kids’ request, but I think I’ll eat first and skip the buffet!

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