The experience

We used the iPhone again to choose dinner.  We drove over not recalling ever seeing this restaurant, but we had a back up plan in place.  Luckily, we did find it and strolled over.  The kids immediately noticed a frozen yogurt place called “Spoonful” and were already making plans to eat there after dinner.  We walked in to Primavera’s for Italian tonight.

We were seated right away and received our water right away.  That would be the end of getting anything right away.  We brought in Benji’s clip on chair; I think he was a little disappointed that he would not be sitting in a big boy chair, but did not make too big a fuss.  It worked out well for him to be in the clip on chair as even though we asked for a Styrofoam cup for him, it took quite some time for them to bring it and since he was eating Parmesan cheese like it was going out of style, we decided to give him some water in his glass.


Mina chose calamari for an appetizer and we also ordered some cheese bread.  The kids chowed down on the calamari, which was great since Benji had not been eating well the last few days because of a cold he was getting over.

Mina required a requisite restroom break, and we returned to find our salads, which by the way, were not very good.  I did not eat mine.  By this time, we were running out of appetizers to eat and still no sign of our entrees.  Our waiter asked us if we were ready for our entrees.  Uh, yeah. It would be at least another 20 minutes before we saw those and then they forgot the kids’ pasta.

There were a few more server fiascos that I put in the service section, but overall, we were unimpressed with dinner.  The kids behaved themselves pretty well despite spending almost 2 hours at dinner…perhaps the anticipatin of frozen yogurt helped!

Once we finally got our check (yes, we had to ask for that, too), we headed over to get overpriced frozen yogurt.



The food

Italian standard.

photoWe ordered garlic cheese bread and calamari to start.  Both of these were pretty good.  I’ve definitely had better garlic cheese bread (at Picasso’s).  This bread was bordering on TOO garlicky.  The calamari was good.  photoThe squid was tender, but the breading was a little heavy and more brown than I typically like, but the kids ate it like there was no tomorrow.


photoI ordered the Pasta Sampler.  It is lasgna, manicotti, and a cheese ravioli. The manicotti and the cheese ravioli might as well have been the same thing as they both just have ricotta in the middle.  The lasagna was very good and I enjoyed their red sauce, which was thick and tasted like sweet tomatoes.

photoOgre ordered the Chicken Caccitore.  He did not think this dish was very good.  He said it was more like spaghetti with some chunks of chicken and a few mushrooms.  It did not have the “classic” caccitore flavor and he would not order this dish again or recommend it.

photoThe kids had penne pasta with marinara sauce.  Mina said the noodles were “soft,” Ogre says that means that the noodles weren’t “al dente” and spent most of the evening making fun of my review for Chicago’s Finest when I attempted to give them two stars because the pasta was not al dente.  (He ended up changing my star rating to either a 3 or 4…he’s an idiot.)


The service

Oh dear.  It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had service this bad.  From start to finish.  One guy brought water for everyone right away, but he didn’t ask for our drink order and our server never did.  We ended up having to request a styrofoam cup for Benji and asking for an iced tea for Ogre.  It took FOREVER to get our food.  In fact, after I took Mina to the restroom, I told her to hurry because our food should be there any minute.  I forgot that our dinner came with salad, and that slowed things up even more. 

Ogre had to ask for iced tea THREE times before there was any action taken.  I think he just kept forgetting and not because he was too busy.  He had other tables, but he was up and around and would come back to our table, he just wouldn’t have any iced team with him. 

When he brought out the food, I asked for something, I can’t remember what, and after giving him a chance to go back and get the kids’ dinner, I finally said, “And you’re working on their pasta, right?” while gesturing to the kids on my left.  I kid you not, he looked at me and said, “You mean the other table’s food.”  Seriously???  Seriously???  This is another table on the other side of a divider that I cannot even see and why the heck would I even care whether or not he was getting their food.  All of these thorughts are racing through my head, but I politely said, “No, my kids’ penne pasta.”  And it’s not that he didn’t know about it.  We saw him write it down and it’s not an easy order since they have to have plain pasta with sauce on the side. 

Dinner took forever and it wasn’t a leisurely dinner, it was a pulling teeth dinner.


The kids

No kids menu and no kids activities, but they did accommodate our request for penne for the kids.  I forgot to look to see how much they charged us for it.  It’s pretty laid back though, so I’d feel comfortable bringing kids here.

Too bad, though, that we probably won’t be back.  The service was just deplorable, almost comical!  The food was fine though so with better service, I’m sure it would’ve been a fine restaurant visit.

The total: 37ish

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