The experience

DSC01170It was a beautiful day so I thought we’d drive out to the lake for dinner tonight.  I’ve seen a billboard (see, they really do work!) on my drive up and down I-30 for Primo’s boasting their deck off the lake and offered up this choice for dinner, which was met with a shoulder shrug and a “sure,” from Ogre.  So we drove out there and I swear that by the time we arrived, the temperature dropped 10 degrees.  Ogre says it’s always 10 degrees cooler by the lake.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I tried to tolerate the chilliness and got a table on the deck.


The kids sat down and Mina pulled out the Fairy Tale book she was reading while Benji pointed out to the lake and told me that there was “paper” on the lake.  Nope, just a buoy.



The kids started dancing to the VERY LOUD music playing (we were seating right by a set of speakers).  I hope that Ogre had not planned on having any type of dinner conversation.  Perhaps the kids were just dancing to try to stay warm.


Someone quickly dropped off some chips and hot sauce.  I think Ogre could see the pain in my face and I told him that I’d probably have to go out to the car to get my jacket and right about then, Benji looked at me with concern and said, “hair…cold.”   Ogre told me he wanted to order as a drink and for dinner.  (No one had came by yet for that).

Benji immediately wanted chips…and hot sauce.  I warned him that the salsa was spicy.  He said, “Not spicy,” and insisted that he have some.



Then he cried.  And asked for water.  We didn’t have any.

Ogre got back and was flabbergasted that there was still not waitstaff.  We sat around for another 5-10 minutes before deciding it was too cold to sit on the deck so we asked to be moved inside.  We hoped this would also solve our lack of service woes.

The view from the “inner patio” was just as nice, it was quite a bit warmer, and more kid friendly!  AND someone finally acknowledged our presence!


Our waiter was clearly stretched a little thin as we watched him zoom around after taking our drink, appetizer, and dinner order!

I sent Ogre to get the kids menus and crayons for the kids.  Ogre passed out an equal number and the same color crayons to each of the kids.


The inside tables are covered with butcher paper and I noticed that Mina was intently drawing something and looking at Papa.  Ahhh.  She was drawing Papa.  Nice job.




She even wrote “Brooklyn NYC” on the shirt and put flip flops on him!

Benji was also coloring and asking Papa to color with him, “Here, Papa, red kay-on.”  Ogre tried to reason with him that Papa had his own red crayon.  I don’t know why he bothers.


The appetizer came out pretty quickly and was actually pretty tasty.  The kids were happy to see and dig in to the queso and not 5 minutes later the rest of the entrees came out!

Benji noticed that Papa got two more sauces and immediately asked for more “dip dip.”  He tried the white sauce (I can’t remember what sauce that was) and I think he must’ve thought it was just “okay” since he looked over and pointed to Ogre’s other bowl of sauce.



Ogre asked him if he wanted the black beans and Benji said, “No, dat one,” and pointed to the Baja sauce.  Ogre reluctantly gave in as I think he knew that Benji would be devouring his sauce!  Ogre ended up having to order a second bowl of sauce!

Mina ate dinner with her grandparents earlier tonight, so she stayed busy with the word find on the activity sheet while the rest of us ate dinner.


Ogre noticed that Mina was now drawing a picture of me, so he made sure to “get me back” for taking a picture of him earlier (even though I told him it was for the blog!).  It turned out she was not really even drawing a picture of me -unless I started having fireworks and a butterfly come out of my head.



Meanwhile, I noticed that Benji is whimpering and his eyes are tearing in his chair.  He cries a little bit, clears up and then does it again.  It doesn’t stop him from dipping his chips and tortillas in the sauces, though!  Ogre is quite proud of his “chili head” while I am concerned about the burning his mouth is currently experiencing.




No matter, some tortilla faces cheered him very quickly.



We had to hang around until Mina found ALL the words on the activity page and then headed home.

The service

Started out AWFUL. Not even eye contact from any server and we could see two servers just hamming it up and laughing not too far away, which always annoys me when I’m waiting for a drink and my poor child’s mouth is on fire without any water.

Definitely improved when we moved inside and let our server know that service was so far sub-par.  He was definitely busy, but tried to stay on top of things with us.

Food came out super fast.

The food

Tex Mex, salads, burgers.  They even have a chicken breast sandwich and sausage.

DSC01185The queso was pretty good -we ordered the Pancho Villa Dip, which had sour cream, guac, and taco meat.  If it had just been the cheese, it would have been pretty boring, but with the other stuff, quite tasty.

DSC01188I ordered The Enchiladas Suizas and thought it was just average.  The chicken was on the drier side and there wasn’t enough tomatillo or sour cream sauce atop it for my taste.  Rice and beans were pretty good, though.  I don’t think I would order this again here.

DSC01189Ogre ordered the fish tacos and said that they tasted “pretty good.”  Which is good coming from Ogre as he cannot stand a fishy fish!  The Baja sauce was apparently VERY tasty!

We didn’t order anything for the kids (just let Benji eat off our plates), but they have the basic Tex Mex choices for the kids (enchiladas, soft cheese taco, taco, soft taco or tamale) or chicken strips.  And, according to their kids menu, you can order liver and onions with steamed cabbage for 16.99!

The kids

It’s actually a lot more kid friendly than I’d anticipated!  Kids menu, kid activity page and crayons, loud and laid back!

I think even though I think the food is overall average, we’ll be back for the lakeside deck and kid friendliness!

The total:

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