The experience

DSC_0214Mina was at church with her grandparents, so it would just be the Benji at dinner tonight kid-wise.  Ogre was in Irving all day, so we decided to meet halfway-ish in Addison for dinner.  There’s a place that was recommended to me long a go by a good friend (the Irving location actually), but we’d seen it in Addison while driving around, so we decided we’d try Sweet Tomatoes tonight.  Ogre thought it’d be good for me since I seem to be able to tolerate salads and not much else these days!

The fiasco begins before we even hit the restaurant.  Well, Ogre calls me and tells me that he’s already there while we’re sitting at that light at Beltline and that he’s going to wait for us outside.  Sounds good.  I pull in behind another car that goes all the way around the restaurant while I shoot forward and see a spot opening up (someone is backing out and letting someone into the car).  So I wait, and once they’re out of the way, I start to pull into the spot and out of the corner of my eye, I see a guy in a car who is gesturing very meanly to me as if I had stolen his spot.  Whatever.  I decide it’s not worth the confrontation so I pick another spot that literally is not more than 30 feet away.  I get Benji out of the car and Ogre walks up to our car as he saw the whole thing and, of course, he says, “You should’ve just taken the spot.  I would have.”  I collect Benji and we head to the restaurant.

As we walk by the other guy’s car, he is still gesturing and looking at me very irritated.  I say to him, “I’m not sure why you think you even got to that spot first,” and then I point out that I find it rude that he would take a spot that is clearly not definitely his from a woman and child.  He starts in with some random obscenities, so Ogre tells him to get some manners and we keep walking.

His response?  He says to Ogre, “Bring it on!”  and walks up arms open ready to fight.  I respond, “Yeah, right.”  and we keep walking while he keeps antagonizing.  As if we’re going to resolve a situation that has already been resolved by me giving the spot to him with a fight that proves….??? Yeah, I’m not sure either.

So we walk in and start getting our food off the buffet.  Benji insists on having a red plate also and we oblige and he moves through the line with us.  Then, our “friend” walks in and starts mouthing off again.  I ask him, “Are you STILL talking about me??” and he is apparently mouthing off to his wife and 3 kids.  And of course, he starts directing more antagonizing comments to us, to which I respond, “I let you off the spot!  Get over it.”  He keeps talking, again I say, “I. Let. You. Have. The. Spot.” He says, “Yeah, you let me have the spot…” I walked off at this point. 

After a few minutes, this guy made sure to tell Ogre that if he ever saw him again, he was going to “bury him.”  We told him to get a life and kept on with our dinner selection.   Incredulous.

Anyway, we pay and I settle down with Benji in a booth while Ogre goes up to get more this and that from the rest of the bar areas and when he returns, he tells me that one of the other patrons came over to him and said, “You poor thing.  You should have heard how he was talking in front of his kids.”  I believe it.  Another guy told Ogre, “If you looked in the dictionary and saw the word a$$hole, you’d see that guys’ picture.”  Apparently, they left without eating and one of the ladies said his family had been waiting over an hour for this guy.  Ridiculous.

Luckily, Benji was oblivious to anything untoward going around him and happily ate  his raisins and telling him he was “cutting” his muffin (it was actually my muffin, Ogre had to get me another one after destructo got a hold of it).  He ate pretty well at dinner tonight, but only sampling a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 



DSC_0221The ladies sitting across the way kept commenting on how cute he was and I’d have to agree as he was behaving very nicely and singing songs.






Ogre brought him with him to get some dessert and they came back with some crazy concoction of strawberry mouse, tapioca and fruit loops.  Apparently, Benji picked it out.


Halfway through his dessert, Benji decided to sit with Papa and mix his dessert together.  When he finished, he announced, “Ta da!”  and was quite pleased with his mess.


Then he crawled under the table to me and after having him repeat it three times as it was somewhat untelligible, I realized he was asking me if I could move over a little bit.  What he said phonetically was “Mommy, can moob lit bit?”

I did and realized he was not going to eat anymore of his funky dessert.  One of the servers came to start clearing away our pile of dishes.  We told him we were leaving and got out of his way. 

Ogre actually walked me to the car and looked it over just in case Crazy Parking Lot Guy remember which car I drove and was truly crazy enough to try something, but all was well and we parted ways.  He took Benji since I was headed to the hospital for a late admission.


The food

It’s a like a better quality Souper Salad.  A few premixed salads, stuff to make your own salad, some cold veggies salads, 3 pastas, some breads, and about 8 different soups.


We tried the Strawberry Fields salad, which I thought was very fresh and tasted great!  Ogre tried the Won-Ton Chicken Happiness and thought it was excellent.  I had a bite also and enjoyed it.  He also tried the Carrot Salad (with raisins) and it was quite up to his high standard.  He is still talking about how awesome the Joan’s Broccoli Madness was!  He thought all the salads were at least “okay,” but thought the one that was least tasty was the BLT Ranch Salad, which tasted to “mayonaise-y.”


For soup, he tried The El Paso Lime Chicken soup and thought it was very good.  I was not in a soup mood, but there was at least 8 different soups on the bar!


Benji had the macaroni and cheese.  It did look nice and cheesy…but almost soupy.  I did not try it.  Benji seemed to like it okay.


We also tried the assorted muffins, which were all very good.

They say that they bake and make all of their muffins, salads and soups from scratch!


The service

It’s a buffet and serve yourself everything, but there were servers clearing plates and they were all very friendly.


The kids

No kids activities, but it’s a buffet, so you’ll get your food right away and they have some kid friendly buffet choices.  Benji was free, but the price is graduated depending on the child’s age.

I liked this place and will probably be back…I just wish there was one closer to Plano!

The total: 21ish dollars


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

I think I ranted enough in the post, so now on to OTHER NEWS.

So, some of our regular readers have wondered what’s up with all the heartburn, feeling sick, eh reviews.  Let me let you guess….






Team Phipps is expanding and will have another baby to join the fun and fiasco around November/December! 

My sincere apologies for constantly complaining about the nausea and heartburn, but this is the worst I’ve ever had!  I don’t even normally have heartburn!! And with the other pregnancies, it was rare, so this is crazy for me!!

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