The experience

After rushing around all morning and (me) getting up super early to round so Mina could go to hula class this am, we found that there was not hula class today (and believe me, I asked her teacher several times if they had class).   So, here the whole family was at 9 o’clock in the morning with nowhere to go.  We decided we’d see what we could eat for breakfast.  We used the nav in our car to find something and after Ogre goose chased a restaurant that did not exist, I talked him to going to the other near spot, S T Cafe (according to the nav) or Sweet Temptations Bakery and Bakery according to google.  I did have to call the restaurant to clarify where they were as it’s not easy to find (it’s between the BBVA Compass Bank and El Fenix for future reference.

We were seated almost right away and were offered a high chair.  I said sure, but thought we’d see how Benji did in his own chair (he’s been doing pretty well recently).  Our waitress also asked if the kids like to color.  Mina answered with a vehement, “YES!!”  We ordered drinks and she brought back some crayons and a coloring page for the kids.

Mina saw a bug a small roach crawling on the wall, which made her yell, “There’s a bug on the wall!  THere’s a bug on the wall!!”  Which then caused Benji to yell the same thing, “Dare bug on wall!”  Ogre told them to hush, which they did, but every time the roach came in to view, one of them would yell it again. 

Mina finally announced that this was a “creepy crawly restaurant!”  Anyway, we ordered breakfast and the kids kept coloring. Our waitress also suggested that we ordered the red, white and blue crepe (a crepe with blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream), which we did.

The crepe came out pretty quickly and was eaten pretty quickly.  Benji was in a very ambivalent mood and would tell us he wanted a bite and then change his mind and change it back again.  I don’t think he ever actually ate of any the crepe.

Our food came out pretty soon after that, including the egg that Benji requested. Of course, he didn’t want it once he saw it.  Luckily, Mina decided that she DID want some (she didn’t earlier). While we finished eating, Benji didn’t eat and escaped from his chair, but didn’t go far, just stood beside me asking if he could sit in my lap (I said no). 

Ogre finished breakfast and let him sit in his lap and finally, he ate some of his eggs!  We discussed going to pick blueberries so I went out with Benji to see if we could do that today while Ogre waited for our check.


The food

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and looks like your usual American fare.  The menu we saw only had breakfast items on it, so I’m not positive what they serve after breakfast.

The red, white and blue crepe was just okay.  It had macerated strawberries in it, which were more tart than sweet and then topped with fresh blueberries and whipped cream.

I ordered the full breakfast.  It comes with 2 eggs, homestyle potatoes (herbed), ham or sausage (I chose ham) and 2 pancakes.  It was all just average.  We could have made a better breakfast at home.  In fact, Ogre is convinced that their pancakes are of the frozen variety (specifically Eggo brand!).  I don’t know if I disagree or not. 

Ogre ordered the Florentine omlette -this has spinach, olives, sun dried tomatoes, and pepperoni.  Ogre was very wary of the pepperoni and asked for those to be 86′d, but was told that they couldn’t do that.  Ogre said okay, but was definitely weirded out that it seemed this was pre-mixed deal.  I think that the omelette was just okay, nothing special.

The kids each had a pancake, eggs, and toast.


The service

Service was okay today, not horrible, but maybe a little below average.  Just not as attentive as I would anticipate and the bill took forever. Food came out pretty quickly.

The kids

They did offer some crayons and coloring for the kids, but don’t have a kids menu.  They did accomodate my request for one pancake for each kid, so I’d say it’s kid friendly.

I don’t think we’ll be back.  Freaked the kids out and just not very good.


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

I sure do hope we get this flickr uploader thing resolved soon.  After Benji and I went out, Benji wanted to look at the waterscape next door, so I walked him over there and Mina joined us.  She saw the warthog (presumably a warthog, could be a wild boar?) she said, “Ewww, the warthog is throwing up!!”

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