The experience

So obviously today would be a crazy busy day.  Dr. Mom was working I need to bake cookies and finish up last minute errands with the kids.  There was a chance that Grace would be able to meet us for lunch. That was the plan as Oma and Grandpoo were coming over later to open a few presents early.  We waited a bit for her but she finally called to say she wasn’t going to make it anytime soon.  I was off to run errands and as I filled up with gas at Kroger.  I noticed the old Double Dave’s location that was not Doughy Joey’s.  We used to take Mina there weekly when we first got back from Nashville.  She loved it.  Seeing as I hadn’t decided on anything else and this would be quick and easy it was a done deal.


Mina was excited to eat pizza.  I think she slightly remembered the place.  It had been awhile but the interior was identical to when it was Double Dave’s.  I set down the kids in a booth and went up and paid for the buffet.  After some slight difficulties with the credit card machine, I came back to Mina and Benji looking around at the decor.  Benji was enthralled with the “cars”.  the license plates that were hung everywhere.


One thing I always loved about this place was the cups.  I was glad to see they still had them.  Nice sturdy plastic so Benji wouldn’t be able to shove his straw through like styrofoam and a nice tight lid that tapered to a small opening.  Mina used to drink directly out of the lid and it worked great.  She still remembered so it still worked great.


I started Benji out with a straw.  Of course, he always wants to be like his Tata so he pulled out the straw and did fine that way too.  He was also very pleased with himself.  I grabbed Mina to take a look at the pizza and I noted it was looking quite similar to what it used to look like, pepperoni rolls and all.  I grabbed 2 plates and got Mina some hawaiian pizza and some sausage.  I grabbed the buffalo chicken pizza and there were cheese sticks all around.  I also grabbed some pizza sauce for the kids and some ranch for me for dipping.  Mina thought the pepperoni rolls looked like a mustache.


Benji was busy nibbling and wandering.  I let him sit in the booth without the chair. This was one of the first places we let Mina do that as I recall.  The booths are nicely setup to be kid friendly.  Of course, Mina never wandered as much as Benji.  She did, however, grab stuff on the table.  Still has the habit apparently as she made herself a paper towel roll hat.


Benji wasn’t eating all that much as he is sick.  Mina was doing good on the Hawaiian but nothing else.  She asked for additional Hawaiian slices.  Once she got halfway through her last slice I grabbed some dessert pizza which the kids lunged for as soon as I put it on the table.


Once everyone got their fill of dessert, we started heading out.  Benji then changed his mind and I had to bring some of his cheese sticks with him to munch on in the car.  He climbed back up into the booth and said “take plee”.  Too cute to resist and he hadn’t eaten much besides.  Off to the errands.

The food

DSC_0165DSC_0173DSC_0160The pizza is very similar to what it was as Double Dave’s.  Double Dave’s always seemed to be known for their pepperoni rolls.  They sitll had them today and they were identical as far as I could remember.  The only thing that seemed slightly different was the pizza sauce itself.  The also had some Mexican pizzas which I never saw at Double Dave’s.  I tried the quesadilla and taco pizza.  Both very good.  They also had the buffalo chicken pizza which was always one of my favorites.  Still tasted good.  Overall, its pretty good pizza for a buffet. Better than something like Cici’s.  Don’t forget to try the dessert pizzas.  The chocolate chip one and the cinnamon one are great.  Mina loved the Hawaiian pizza.  That was always Grace’s favorite.

The service

Counter service.

The kids

This place is definitely a kid friendly restaurant.  Its a buffet so you get to eat right away, its pizza which is always a hit, and the atmposphere is relaxed.  The layout is also good for the kids.  Only downside was they had moved the pizza sauce to a rolling food cart.  The wheels locked mind you, but still.  Kid also eat free on Tuesday nights.  We used to take advantage of this often with Mina.

Total cost: 13 bucks

The rest

So I went ahead and gave the link to the site but I can’t 100% say that it is the same place.  It is some place based out of Iowa and there is no mention of any other locations.  Some of it looked similar and that’s an strangely uncommon name.  Of course, the owner here might have just copied them after moving from Iowa or something.  If it is the same, there is a lot more to come beyond the buffet.  If I find out for sure, I’ll update you.

My title was supposed to be a clever reference to the song Istanbul Not Constantinople by They Might Be Giants.  Not too sure how that’s working so I decided I’d just reveal the secret so people don’t think I was just being lazy with my title.

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