A lot of people have asked us what our plans are now that the 365 days are over…



Well,  first off, we’ve enjoyed eating at home the last few nights.  But I’ll be honest, we celebrated the night after by…going out to eat!  Mina wanted to eat at First Chinese BBQ!!

Since then, we’ve eaten dinner at home, and I’m proud to say that I have not eaten any restaurant meals since Saturday when we met our cousin for brunch!

I would like to continue reviewing restaurant and re-reviewing restaurants as needed.   As I type, I’m reminded that I need to DOWNGRADE Compari’s star rating since they had a change in ownership!  We went a few months back, and quite frankly, we won’t be back!  I just need to decide if I should just edit the star rating and make a comment or write a new post.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I also have had some requests to provide contributions to the site, which is certainly a welcome offer!  I hope that we can have a nice repository for dining with children experiences. 

We also hope to have some fun, special blogs that highlight best of/worst of or something along those lines, so stay tuned and keep reading!! 

I’m off to enjoy my ice cream here at home after a nice home cooked dinner!!

Bon Appetit!

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